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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

7 reasons to buy the iPhone 7 in 2017

To talk about the iPhone 7 is to make it an incredible device. Why? The reasons are obvious, a consolidated design and power , thanks to its A10 chip and M10 motion coprocessor among other things.

Black Friday has passed, and in fact we have brought you some offers on this terminal, and today Monday is being Cyber ​​Monday . We tell you 7 compelling reasons to buy one in this upcoming year 2017.


The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus this year continue with the successful design of the 6 series . You already know the maxim that if something works, why change it? Aesthetically there are no differences for a layman, it only changes that in the 7 the back is metal and in the 8 glass.


The departure of the new batch of 2017 has dropped some prices of this model, so it is a good opportunity to get one . If in addition to that, you have been attentive to the offers of these days, you will have succeeded.
Power and performance

It remains a top terminal in terms of its way of moving applications . No one can resist him and the benchmark tests do not lie. iOS 11 moves optimally in it and you can be sure that it will be up to the task.


It is capable of recording video at 4K and 30 fps, come on, an authentic camera of great level . As soon as you learn a trick, you can do very good things. If you also know how to handle the portrait mode of the Plus models, you will leave more than one person speechless.

Security and 3D Touch

Its improved fingerprint sensor makes it a very safe mobile, no Face ID experiments, and 3D Touch, sometimes somewhat underutilized, is a good system to stop certain routines .

Compatibility with Apple Pay

The payment system of Apple is increasingly and better implemented , so it is a pleasure to take your iPhone 7, bring it to a dataphone and perform the transaction safely.

Resistance to dust and water

The IP67 rating according to IEC 60529 allows it to be safe from these harmful elements, especially water. Nobody is going to submerge it willingly, but having that extra protection against splashes and more, is a demand that has been met.

Surely there are not 7, but 77 reasons to buy an iPhone 7 in 2017, so tell us which ones are yours .

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