After years of waiting, the iPad will also have WhatsApp -


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Sunday, 12 November 2017

After years of waiting, the iPad will also have WhatsApp

Since the arrival of the iPad, we have been able to access a new world of entertainment with its screen. Since, although at first was considered a giant iPod , the truth is that he managed to carve out his own name by providing users with lots of features that could only be enabled on a screen like that. However, all these years have been left in the inkwell something fundamental for many, a WhatsApp app.

It may seem silly, but there are many users who sought at the time how to use WhatsApp on their new iPad. Nobody wanted to be disconnected from their conversations for a single second. Hence, when we find that there is no type of app, we find it a bit disappointing. Well, it seems that the development team of the app has listened to our requests once again, in order to arrive at a new device.

There is still no confirmed date, it may arrive in months ... Or in weeks

Thanks to the information that WABetaInfo has provided through its Twitter, we have been able to know that a specific app for the Apple tablet is being developed. For now, only some icons and names that point directly to the iPad have been found, so it seems that we will have to wait a little longer to use it. Of course, nothing compared to the seven years we have already expected.

With this news, it seems that the creators of WhatsApp want to continue fulfilling the requests of users, a trend that undoubtedly is benefiting us a lot. Far from adding unnecessary functions, as they did with the states, they seem to have focused on improving the service with what users have been asking for a long time. We will see how long it lasts.

And you, will you use the WhatsApp app on your iPad?

Source | Twitter WABetaInfo 

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