Almost half of young people do not want to use Apple Pay -


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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Almost half of young people do not want to use Apple Pay

Contactless payment systems are especially popular in Spain . Thanks to the impulse of some of the most important banks in the country, a large part of the payment terminals are compatible with the contactless system. However, there are still many who do not finish seeing security in a payment method that does not require anything more than a touch to make a successful transaction. Especially if in some cases it does not even require a PIN.

According to the data provided by Kantar , not only is it an age problem, at least, as people think. Sometimes, we usually associate the slowness in this type of changes to that from certain ages they do not want to make the change. But, on this occasion, we talked about that between the ages of 16 and 24, 41% of users do not want to pay with their mobile. And that's not all.

Young people do not stop convincing Apple Pay

According to the same study, only 23% of respondents prefer to pay with their mobile device, a percentage even lower than that of countries like India and much lower than China. The question is, why is this? Possibly it is because we have not finished believing that it is safer to be able to make payments without having to use a physical card. It does not matter how much advertising is done for Apple Pay, or any other system.

The most curious of all this, is that the payment through NFC is even more secure in many cases than a conventional card, and is that thanks to the tokenization systems, we do not even have to use our real card number. In addition, in the case of Apple Pay, user authentication is always necessary before carrying out the transaction, with Touch ID, Face ID or PIN. In conclusion, only time can make everyone know of the benefits of this payment system, we will see if you have to spend a lot or little.

And you, do you already use Apple Pay frequently?

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