And what about my face? The Face ID could be violating your privacy -


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Thursday, 2 November 2017

And what about my face? The Face ID could be violating your privacy

The facial recognition features of the iOS 11 Face ID software for the iPhone X are still at the center of all eyes. Today, the American Civil Liberty Union and the Center for Democracy and Technology have released a couple of questions on how effective Apple will be when it comes to offering privacy in its facial recognition system.

The two privacy advocacy groups are very concerned about how some data from users' facial expressions can be obtained from the iPhone X by developers who create applications with Face ID facial recognition software in the App Store.

These data are used to unlock the iPhone X, and are stored in the device itself, not in iCloud. Be that as it may, Apple allows developers to access certain data "as long as they ask consumers for permission and do not sell the data to third parties".

This means that developers who want to use the front camera of the iPhone X could get a facial map of their users' faces , as well as discover up to 50 different types of facial expressions.

"That remote storage leaves questions in the air about how effectively Apple can reinforce privacy. Apple maintains that its security tools - which include publication analysis, app auditions and content removal - are effective. "

Apple has very strict policies against developers who use facial recognition data for marketing . But the previously mentioned groups think that the company does not have the possibility to control what developers do with that data after obtaining them from an iPhone X.

The Face ID function is in the spotlight, recently it has been discovered that it is slower than Touch ID , but at a general level it seems to be a very safe and reliable feature.

Via | Macrumors

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