Android dies of envy and copies the Animoji with this app -


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Monday, 27 November 2017

Android dies of envy and copies the Animoji with this app

Over time, we have learned that copies do not usually work well if you do not have the same resources as the original creator. In many cases, even if you try hard as if you worked one hundred people instead of one, you can not achieve a result or similar. Well, that is what has happened with the Animojis. And, to copy this new phenomenon (passenger, for my taste) was too tempting to say no.

For that reason, some developers have decided to create their own version of the great novelty of the iPhone X , and the truth is that, in theory, it does not look bad at all. After all, it has already been shown that Animojis only require a good front camera. However, it is in practice when everything begins to fall apart, to such an extent that the result scares . Truly, these "supermojis" cause dread.

This copy of the Animojis is not ashamed, it's scary

Let's see, considering that it has not been so long since Apple announced the iPhone X, and that they have not been able to see until then, we must recognize that it is something really surprising that they have managed to make a similar tracking system. As proof that it can be done on any phone other than the iPhone X and having a front camera is fine. But they still have a lot to improve, especially in design.

However, it would be necessary to see to what extent they can develop their application without Apple deciding to intervene and apply legal measures for infringement of intellectual property, since, most likely, the Animojis are patented by the company. If you have a mobile with Android, take a look at the article that we indicate below and Andro4All, where you can access the download link and try it.

And you, what do you think of the supermojis?

Via | Andro4All 

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