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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Apple bags and iPhone X look like one thing

Regarding the design of the iPhone X there is no middle ground: either you love it or you hate it . And is that Apple has joined late to the fashion of the screens without edges and OLED technology, but when it has done, has reaped disparate results. On the one hand, it is known that the screen of the iPhone X is the best on the market, something curious because Samsung is its manufacturer and Koreans also sell their own phones.

But if there is something that has captured the attention of the staff and captured all the headlines, that has been their notch . That special bow that allows facial recognition through Face ID and viral Animojis. Even so, let's be honest: nobody expected this design with a black piece covering the screen and in some cases obstructing the vision of the screen.

Are you sure nobody expected that design? Or if? In any case, we can not say that Apple did not leave very hidden clues in its packaging. A perceptive user of Reddit has come up with something surprising: The Apple Store Bag store in their design a notch manufacturing. You do not believe it? Look here:

    What do an iPhone X and an Apple bag have in common? -> via @reddit
    - Trisha Takanawa (@missTakanawa) November 13, 2017

These new bags were available a month before the introduction of the iPhone X, which, in our subconscious we should have become accustomed. Or not, because maybe it's just a convoluted theory, the result of chance . But it does not stop being wonderful.

Apple usually innovate a lot in terms of internal and external packaging , there is more to see that successful and viral pizza box that was recently prepared for employees to take the remains to the Office or a particularly resistant smart bag .

Via | Reddit 

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