Apple earns up to 3 times more than Samsung per terminal sold -


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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Apple earns up to 3 times more than Samsung per terminal sold

The [iPhone X] is a reality. It is already in all the Apple Store , and in the hands of millions of users who acquired it on November 3. Many are enjoying with their new terminal whose price has exceeded 1000 euros. Companies already do not care about the psychological barrier and to us, apparently, too.

Not only the iPhone exceeds 1000 euros , so does the Galaxy Note 8 . It is not that the Cupertino people have gone head over, but that the tendency of companies is to overcome that price range in favor of offering more to users, or so they say.

Apple raises production costs and approaches Samsung

Our colleagues from Urban Tecno have obtained us the cost of the components of the iPhone X. These prices have been filtered by a research company in a table , that although it has everything in Chinese we can clearly see the price of the components in the last column.

If we add the costs of the whole table we get the 412.75 dollars, which at the change would be about 344 euros . It is clear that if you want the best mobile you have to have the best components and the OLED screen costs 80 dollars alone, about 65 euros, Samsung has come out tremendously benefited with this deal.

We can not know the benefits obtained by the company with the sale of the iPhone X , because these prices do not include the costs of distribution, marketing, design, engineering, maintenance and a huge etcetera that escapes our hands. Now, the iPhone X sells for about 1159 euros in its basic version: the benefits will not be small.

Samsung is losing

As always, the Korean company loses in the sale of its devices . If we take as an example the Galaxy S8: it has a production cost of 307 euros and its starting price was 809. However, its sale price has dropped from 600 euros.

If we look at it with the data we just gave the iPhone X ... Samsung lowers his head ...

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