Apple is developing the most innovative iPad of recent years -


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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Apple is developing the most innovative iPad of recent years

We have not talked about a novelty called Luna Display. If you have an iPad and MacBook, it may be interesting. It consists of a USB memory device that connects to a MacBook to transmit to the iPad screen.

We also want to tell you about what Luna Display offers us . Because the iPad home button is already assigned to certain functions the developers invented this camera button that can be used with both an application called Astropad and the Moon Dongle screen.

In the following video we can see how the front camera of the iPad becomes a second hardware button for the iPad. The purpose of the secondary button is to open a menu for the Luna application whenever necessary. That way, the screen does not have to be a nuisance with even more user interface elements that can get in your way.

But Apple manifests itself and says the following:

" Applications that alter or deactivate the function of conventional switches, such as volume up / down and ring / silent switches, or other elements or behaviors of native user interface " will be rejected .

Astro announced that the camera button is dead for immediate purposes .

" The camera button could be dead, but our desire to innovate in life, " said the company. " We are committed to expanding the limits of software and hardware engineering so we can create the best possible productivity tools. Stay tuned for more than Astro HQ . "

Fortunately, the camera button is not going to kill the Luna visualization project . You will still be able to get a macOS experience on the iPad. However, developers will have to design other software tricks to replace the button function of the camera.

All that we have told you can result in what Apple is preparing for its next generation of iPad . Will these projects be carried out? We will see, and here we will be to tell.

 Astropad Standard
Astropad Standard

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