Apple is inspired by Samsung and will also take out a folding iPhone -


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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Apple is inspired by Samsung and will also take out a folding iPhone

Is everything invented? Not at all. The technology will never stop surprising us , and an idea that we have that we are consumers of Apple products and that we get to crash is that of a folding terminal.

As accustomed as we are to appliances with master lines, soft edges, materials such as steel and high-strength glass, thinking of something that has a certain malleability is something that collides .

And Samsung, the main competitor of Californians, is aiming at anything and shows that it is preparing the Galaxy X, a folding phone and which have copied even the name of Apple's flagship . Well, this mysterious device is the center of a controversy, since Samsung has launched in South Korea the official support website for the model SM-G888NO , which is the serial number of that Samsung Galaxy X, or the phone that folds.

Well to all this, Apple has in mind an iPhone that would debut in 2020 at the earliest, and would offer users a folding OLED screen with a new design . Apple filed the patent on September 22, 2016, which means that it is an invention that has been in boilers for more than a year.

This screen could be folded on an axis in such a way that two halves result , and in addition Apple is developing a type of microOLED screen, as a replacement for LCD screens and the newly released OLEDs in the iPhone X.

While Apple develops this patent, still in diapers, it will be Samsung and its Galaxy X who can give us guidance on how a phone with such a screen can be . Can you imagine it? How do you think it can be? we wait for you in comments.

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