Apple shows internal study on autonomous vehicles -


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Friday, 24 November 2017

Apple shows internal study on autonomous vehicles

The document published in arXiv is signed by Yin Zhou and Oncel Tuzel, who propose the creation of VoxeINet , a software that helps computers in cars to detect objects in three dimensions, as is the case of cyclists or laborers, who find around the autonomous Apple car .

News in Apple Autonomous Vehicles

The low resolution of currently used cameras, together with a LiDAR depth sensor, makes it more difficult to accurately detect objects that are far away or that are too small. The solution that is sought with this type of software is, precisely, to increase the efficiency in the detection of the objects around the car, especially those small objects, imperceptible to the regular cameras, and the objects more distant that can represent an imminent danger .

Researchers have reported that their system has very promising results and that they have been able to identify more accurately the pedestrians and cyclists who come by the way. The software tests were performed only in simulation mode, on a computer and not on the road as it should be. However, the Motor Vehicle company in California has already given Apple permission to start testing on the road in order to achieve better criteria.

Apple's autonomous vehicles

We know that, according to Steve Kenner, the Director of Product Integration at Apple, Apple is using a machine learning technology to make its products and services much smarter, more intuitive and more personalized according to the needs of the user.

Steve says that the company is investing all its efforts in the study of 'machine learning' and the automation of its products. This generates great emotion due to the benefits that will be obtained due to the potential of the automated systems in different areas, especially the transport one.

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