Apple's augmented reality helmet is just around the corner -


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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Apple's augmented reality helmet is just around the corner

Apple does not stop thinking about things that it can incorporate into the technology market in the not too distant future. The Californian brand managed to surprise the opinion and consumers with the iPhone ten years ago, something never seen before. Now, he intends to take another hit of the table.

We already advanced it last week , but new rumors arise. It seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer, which has among its tasks the assembly of Apple Watch, is working on an augmented reality product for a company that according to some, could be Apple.

This device is a kind of headset with a lens, which would allow the user to interact with the environment. We could think that it is a kind of glasses with a headset equipped with augmented reality . The vice-president of Quanta Computer, in a meeting with journalists after another one of business scope, commented that the device could be in the market " at the latest in 2019 ".

The interest of the Cupertino company towards augmented reality is maximum, in fact iOS 11 is very focused on the use of applications that make use of this technology . The powerful processor that assemble the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, allows you to move this type of applications with fluidity.

The ARKit platform allows you to integrate augmented reality features in your applications in order to take the user to a new type of experience with your device. Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a recent interview about augmented reality confirmed that this type of gadget and technology still " does not exist ".

Therefore, there are two years ahead, as we will know if this type of devices and which is not yet known many, is taken to the production lines. Also, it is rumored that if this were put into practice and had a price lower than $ 1000 , it could be a success, but the silence of Apple is also huge in this regard.

How do you imagine this device? Would it be a Google Glasses version 2.0?

Via | macrumors 

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