Apple's augmented reality helmet is getting closer with the purchase of Vrvana -


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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Apple's augmented reality helmet is getting closer with the purchase of Vrvana

Last week we talked about an issue that Apple has in hand. The development of a kind of augmented reality helmet, which would include a lens with an earphone and of which there is, seems to be, quite a possibility that it is a reality.

It seems that the change continues, as the company of the bitten apple has bought Vrvana, a company that developed an augmented reality headset called Totem. Vrvana worked this kind of mixed reality headset but never came out to the public.

The technology that Totem uses is a set of cameras that project real images onto a built-in OLED screen . If there is something different about Totem's technology, it is that the user experience is much more realistic, when integrating these real images with the virtual ones.

The cameras that they incorporate track the position of the person who uses this system in space, and another infrared camera is in charge of locating the user's hands, resulting in an overall vision that gets very good criticism from the technological world.

It is assumed that with the purchase of Apple from Vravana, the Totem system could be implemented in the augmented reality helmet that is being prepared, and that could have output in two or three years .

Apple would be preparing a new operating system called "rOS" and that would be based on iOS. The truth is that the work that the company has done this summer with its new iOS 11 has been very laborious, and it is perceived that the desires of Californians is to give prominence to augmented reality . There are many applications that are being launched and the path indicates that it is the new prop .

Do you think we will see this new gadget in 3 years? We will love reading you in comments, we wait for you.

Via | macrumors 

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