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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Best iPhone games without internet connection

Fortunately, the era in which our phones offered few entertainment features have already gone down in history. We all remember how addictive was the snake game of the old Nokia .

With the passage of time and the greater complexity of the devices, everything was complicated to become increasingly complex , and this has been including the games. Now we find authentic wonders unimaginable long ago.

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If we talk about smartphones that are continuously connected to the internet, there is a large part of games that use the connection, either data or Wi-Fi, to be able to play. Today, however, we are going to talk to you about five of them who do not need internet to be able to enjoy them. Do you want to know them?

Asphalt 8: Airborne

A classic car game, backed by more than 300 million downloads. The number of brands at your disposal are incredible, from Ferrari to Chevrolet, all top . From motorcycles to cars, they have it all!

Papers, please

Here we are going to find a plot of spies, double agents, claimed territories. You are an immigration inspector and you must control the passage of people from one place to another , not all have good intentions. Will you be up to it?


We've already talked about iPadízate in this game. Recreate the best of those pinball machines so famous in past decades and that many hours of fun they gave us in the recreational.

This game includes a very peculiar feature, your ball will be breaking containers with paint and will be drawing on the board curious shapes. A peculiar combination of game and plastic arts. How about?


A game that combines the puzzles and numerology, guess which one you should get. Very entertaining, simple and different . It is ideal if you prefer a calm and uncomplicated game. Give it a chance because it's very interesting, it's a real kill-hours.

angry Birds

The funniest bird of the App Store is already a classic, the best of the whole saga is that you will not need to have a Wi-Fi next or make use of your data rate to enjoy your adventures. Be accurate by charging the evil guards.

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