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Monday, 6 November 2017

Caviar iPhone X Tesla: an iPhone X with solar charge for 4,000 euros

If the exclusivity of the iPhone X that began to sell this Friday, we join that there is already a customization of this device coming from Russia and that has in its name the word Caviar, we can imagine that we are talking about something very very top .

What have they done in this company? Well, it has taken Apple's new terminal and changed its back cover . As we already know, this part of the new Cupertino device has for the first time a glass cover to facilitate wireless charging. Well, they, neither short nor lazy, replace it with solar cells all over the outside.

This iPhone X Tesla manages to carry therefore a built-in charger, charging anywhere there is sunlight. Not only that, the touch of exclusivity is provided by the 24 carat gold finials that give it that extra luxury.

In addition, the back cover is made of a material used in prostheses and aerospace components, titanium . It has a coating in PVD, which consists of a treatment to add more strength and hardness to the already hard titanium. The objective of applying this treatment is none other than to provide resistance to the solar panels, which are fragile.

Many you will be asking about its price. The 1159 euros from which the new iPhone part is already in itself something to start shaking, but you have to know that this solar version coming from the cold costs 4450 US dollars, about 3800 euros to change . But that's not all, because this is the 64GB version. If you want to get the 256 GB of storage, prepare to drop 4035 euros .

Do you think these deluxe options have their market? Do you like the design and the proposal? All this and more tell us in comments. 

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