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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Cydia:Tweaks for iOS 10.3.1 and iOS 11 (November 2017)

After several weeks of waiting, the jailbreak of iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11 is already a reality , so as always, then we leave you a complete tutorial  so you can carry out the whole process in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Of course, how it happened in the day with the jailbreak of iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11, you have to take into account several factors, so from here I  ask you if you do not meet the requirements do not continue with the process, as it will give error and so The only thing you will get is to have to restore your device.

Cydia:Tweaks for iOS 10.3.1 and iOS 11 (October 2017)

AdaptiveLabels (Free): automatically customizes the text color of an app based on the app’s dominant color.
Citrix Receiver Unblock (Free): lets you bypass the jailbreak detection mechanism in Citrix Receiver app.
DarkAppleStore (Free): darkens the Tab Bar in the Apple Store app on iPhone.
Disabled Big Emoji For WhatsApp (Free): prevents Emojis from getting enlarged when you send them in WhatsApp.
SCFilterMover (Free): lets you move around the filters in Snapchat.

sleekCompassView (Free): gets rid of useless UI elements in the iOS Compass app.
HideReminderSearchView (Free): removes the search bar from the Reminders app.

iPAd Support for Whatsapp (Free): lets you use WhatsApp on iPad.

SwitcherXI (Free): makes the iOS 10 App Switcher look like that of iOS 11.
Tooth ($1.00): lets you manage the connection to your Bluetooth devices using Activator gestures.
UpsideBoard (Free): allows you to turn your Home screen upside down on iPhone.

ActiHastebin (Free): lets you upload your clipboard to Hastebin via an Activator gesture.

NotificationCenterXI ($1.00): brings iOS 11’s Notification Center design to iOS 10.

SwitcherRadii (Free): makes the corners of App Switcher cards round just like in iPhone X.

WA Delete Message (Free): automatically deletes WhatsApp messages after they have been delivered.

ABetterPrivacyforWhatsApp (Free): a useful tweak for WhatsApp users which allows them to customize the app and disable certain features such as read-receipts or the online status. 

FYA Hack FB (Free): adds new features to the Facebook app for iOS.

iPhone Cam for iPad (Free): replaces the user-interface of the iPad Camera app with that of iPhone.

SelfieTime ($2.49): beautifies your face by adding smoothing effects when using the front-facing camera of your iPhone. It also prevents your images from getting “mirrored” when captured.

CleanMusicCC (Free): simplifies the Now Playing page of Control Center by removing the unneeded UI elements.

Dock+ for iPhone ($2.00): allows you to view the dock in any app as well as launch apps inside a floating window.

Huu for Hulu (Free): allows you to scrub through ads in the iOS Hulu app and disables jailbreak detection.

OLEDification ($1.99): displays your Lock screen notifications in full screen.

ScrollyFolders (Free): disables pagination in folders when in landscape orientation so that you can smoothly scroll horizontally.

SnapCheck (Free): lets you quickly see who’s following you back on Snapchat.

Castro ($1.29): customizes the volume HUD in iOS and adds a Now Playing interface to it.

Color Status Bar (Free): allows you to customize the color of the Status bar.

F7K For Jodel (Free): adds new features to the iOS Jodel app.

HideDeleteBox (Free): hides the ‘x’ delete button on apps whenever they are in jiggle mode.

RedFailedMessages (Free): whenever your messages fail to get delivered in the Messages app, this tweak changes their bubble color to red so that you can more easily spot the messages that didn’t get sent.

SmartLowPower (Free): adds new power saving options to your iPhone.

SnapchatRecents (Free): lets you manage your recent snaps in Snapchat more easily.

SSHIcon (Free): displays an SSH icon in the Status bar whenever there are active SSH connections with your iOS device.

3Edgy5Me (Free): inspired by the Galaxy S8 notifications animation, this tweak adds a glowing light to the edges of your screen whenever there’s a new notification.

AirplaneModeNotif (Free): gets rid of the Airplane mode popup in apps that require internet connection and displays it as a banner instead.

Black Status Bar (Free): turns the Status bar color into black and allows you to apply any color to the texts and icons.

BT Sport Unlocker (Free): enables using EE BT Sport accounts on non-EE devices.

EmojiType (Free): replaces specific keyboard keys with their equivalent emoji. For instance, when you input the number “1”, the emoji is entered instead.

Get Me Home ($1.00): quickly order an Uber or Lyft to your saved destination by typing your preferred phrase in Spotlight.

Maize (Free): brings the iOS 11 Control Center design to iOS 10.

ProxySwitcher ($1.00): lets you easily switch between proxy servers when connected to a WiFi network on iPhone.
StyloPowerDownLite (Free): inspired by LG’s power down menu, this tweak changes the appearance of the iOS 10 power down screen and adds additional options to it for respring, reboot, and safe mode.
Atmost ($1.50): an alternative to the once popular PriorityHub tweak, Atmost groups the notifications on Lock screen and Notification Center based on the app that they belong to.
Backspace+ (Free): when you hold the backspace key on your iPhone, after a couple of characters, it starts to clear words. Backspace+ prevents this by forcing single character backspacing at all times.
BlinkBadge (Free): adds blinking animation to app icon badges on the Home screen.
Bio Locker ($1.99): enhances the security of your jailbroken iPhone by allowing you to lock apps, folders, and App Switcher with Touch ID.
CallPlus ($1.50): brings a couple of new features and aesthetic changes to the iOS Phone app.
DockXI (Free): brings rounded corners to the Home screen dock in iOS 10. This makes the dock look similar to the one in iOS 11.
Hera ($1.00): adds shortcuts to the Status bar icons. For instance, you can tap on the Airplane icon to enable or disable Airplane Mode, or tap on the battery icon to toggle Low Power Mode. You can even rearrange the Status bar icons in real-time.
InstagramUICustomizer (Free): lets you customize the interface of the Instagram app.
LSScreenshotLimit (Free): limits the number of screenshots that can be taken on the Lock screen.
Musessions ($3.00): keeps track of all the songs you’ve listened to on your iPhone and displays them all in one place. It’s similar to web browsing history, but for music.

SlideToUnlockX ($0.99): brings the old ‘Slide to Unlock’ slider to iOS 10.
ConditionalWiFi2 ($0.99): lets you block specific apps from using WiFi on your iPhone.
Boxy 3 ($1.99): lets you customize your Home screen layout to position the apps the way you want.
Fake Call History (Free): as the name implies, this allows you to fake your calls log in the Phone app. 
IconKeyb10 (Free): with this tweak installed, whenever you input a number, it will replace it with its Emoji equivalent.
Musubi (Free): brings Android-styled passcode screen to jailbroken iOS 9 devices.
NoHistorySafari (Free): lets you browse privately in Safari by completely removing the History list.
PlsIgnoreAlert (Free): adds a “Dismiss” button to alerts so that you can close them easily. It’s useful when some apps display an alert dialog that cannot be dismissed.
SwitcherCC (Free): combines the iOS 10 Control Center and App Switcher into one single unified interface.

WakeTunes (Free): turns on your iPhone’s screen every time the song changes.

FlashBar (Free): displays an icon in the Status bar whenever your iPhone’s torch is turned on.

Fuzzy (Free): blurs the background wallpaper of the Lock screen when they are pending notifications shown.
HeckNewTabs (Free): disables the new tab button in Safari.

NoMessageButtons (Free): removes certain buttons from iMessage such as Digital Touch button, voice message button, iMessage App Store button, and so on.

NoMoji ($0.99): lets you block certain emojis so that they don’t appear wherever they are used. For instance, if you’re within the Messages app and someone sends you an emoji that you blocked, it will appear as empty boxes instead, as shown in the screenshot above.

PauseOnMute (Free): a handy tweak that automatically pauses the currently playing song whenever you mute the volume of your iPhone. Once you unmute, the music playback will begin automatically.

PremiumPlay ($1.99): lets you use AirPlay in apps that block it such as Crunchyroll, DirecTV, Verizon FiOS, and more.

WeatherStatusBar10 ($1.00): displays weather information in the Status bar.

AppSwitchCurrent (Free): with this tweak installed, when you open the App Switcher, it will display the currently open app rather than the recently used app.

ControlCenterXI ($1.5): this is one of the best tweak releases from this week. It brings the iOS 11 Control Center to your jailbroken iOS 10 device. It looks and functions exactly like the iOS 11 Control Center.

DummyPass (Free): randomizes the place of the passcode buttons on the Lock screen for better security.

GIFRoll (Free): allows you to view GIFs as an animation in the Photos app in iOS 10 rather than as a still image.
HomeSwitcher (Free): makes the App Switcher open to the Home screen card rather than the recently used app.

NCLink10 ($1.99): groups notifications based on the app that they belong to rather than displaying them in chronological order.

NotificationTester (Free): allows you to send test notifications to yourself. This is useful when you want to see how the notification banner looks after installing a new tweak or theme.

ActIf 2 (Free): brings support for conditional statements in Activator tweak.

CamMode (Free): shows the camera mode as you change from one mode to another.

ClassicPlayer ($0.99): brings the spinwheel design from the old iPod to the Music app in iOS.

Creamy (Free): ports the iOS 11 Lock screen passcode design to iOS 10.

Callisto Pro ($2.49): allows you to unlock your iPhone by entering the current time instead of the passcode.

HomeCardIconLabel (Free): adds the label and icon of apps in the App Switcher.
Kairos 2 ($2.99): schedule iMessage and text messages to be sent at a later time.

Sinatra ($1.99): brings a new design to the music page in iOS 10 Control Center.
Charge ($0.99): brings a new look to your iPhone’s charging screen.
DetailedCellularUsage (Free): view the detailed cellular usage on your iPhone.
GuestMode 2 ($0.99): allows guests to access your device in guest mode with limited access to features and apps.
LSHiddenTools10 (Free): a Lock screen customization tool for iOS.
SaveBot (Free): allows you to save videos from the Tweetbot app.
SwitchTint (Free): lets you customize the color of toggles in iOS.
Toka (Free): replaces the Home screen Today widgets with notifications.

TouchBar ($2.00): brings Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar to iOS.
BatteryBanners (Free): shows a banner with the battery percentage remaining.

Classic (Free): brings the old look of notifications to iOS 10.
LaunchInSafeMode (Free): disables all tweaks when launching specific apps.
NPTweet (Free): quickly tweet the currently playing song via a Control Center toggle.
SkinnySettings (Free): brings a more subtle look to Settings in iOS 10.
SmartCameraShutter (Free): customizes the Camera app in iOS 10.
Thumbtack (Free): lets you pin important notes to the top of the Notes app.

Vibrancy (Free): makes the Lock screen clock a little transparent.
AMP (Free): sets the Now Playing page as the default page in Control Center when there’s a music playing.
Cheader (Free): colorizes the iOS banner notifications. 
ClassicFolders 2 ($1.99): brings the iOS 6 folder style to iOS 10.
Hypeman (Free): announces new tracks as they change via Siri.
Lace (Free): provides a number of customization options for Notification Center.
MaskedHotspotPass (Free): masks the WiFi password in Personal Hotspot.
Masq ($1.75): lets you customize the artwork on Lock screen and Control Center.
NCWallCustomizer (Free): allows you to add a custom background to Notification Center. 
NPTweet (Free): adds a Flipswitch toggle to Control Center for tweeting your currently playing song.
Pigeon (Free): updates the app icon badges when you clear notifications via Notification Center.
PresentPage (Free): lets you choose the default page in Control Center.
Tinc (Free): lets you customize the background color of Notification Center and Control Center.
ViewDockOnTodayView (Free): displays the dock even when in Today view.

YTResume (Free): resumes YouTube videos from where you left them.

Bouncy10 (Free): adds bounce animation to various parts of iOS such as during opening and closing of apps.

CCStatus (Free): customize the text that appears when you tap on a Control Center toggle.

CVVertically (Free): positions the Control Center toggles and buttons vertically.

FolderAutoClose 10 (Free): automatically closes an open folder after launching an app within it.

MoreRecentSongsPlz (Free): shows unlimited number of recently added songs in the stock Music app.

MusicMoreColumns (Free): applies a 3-column layout to the Music app.

NGXPlay (Free): lets you run any iOS app on your CarPlay.

NoBlurFrontCamera (Free): disables blur in FaceTime’s front camera.
No Date Today (Free): hides the oversized date text in Notification Center and Today view.

QuickFlash (Free): adds a button to Lock screen for quickly toggling the flashlight.

Reddit Enhanced (Free): a suite of enhancement tools for the iOS Reddit app.

SpoofSnap (Free): lets you fake the number of Snapchat views, screenshots, and more.

SpringToolz (Free): changes the shape of app icons.

TapToOpen (Free): tap on Lock screen notification to open them rather than having to swipe.

WAStatusVolume (Free): brings WhatsApp’s volume HUD design across iOS.

Accelerated Home Button (Free): removes the delay when you press the Home button to go to Home screen.

CCQuick Pro X for iOS 10 ($2.99): brings new shortcuts to iOS 10 Control Center.

Coco (Free): lets you enable Do Not Disturb on a per-app basis.

ColorGram (Free): lets you customize the UI color of Instagram.

FancyNC (Free): brings a sleeker look to Notification Center.

FolderAutoClose 10 (Free): automatically closes an open folder when launching apps.

HUDPlayer (Free): replaces the stock volume HUD with a less obtrusive one that appears as a banner at the top of the screen.

No Date Today (Free): removes the date from Today view in Notification Center.

NoLowStorage (Free): gets rid of the “Low Storage” alerts that appear on your iPhone. 

NoMoreFBStories (Free): disables swipe cam in Facebook Stories.

NoTime10 (Free): removes Spotlight and the Today view widget.
RedditOpensLinksInNarwhal (Free): forces Safari to open Reddit links in the Narwhal app.

SafaReaderFullScroll (Free): forces Safari to open web page in reader mode.

Sparkasse4JB (Free): bypasses jailbreak detection for Sparkasse app.

Spotlife (Free): replaces the Today view in Home screen and Lock screen with Spotlight.

DismissAnywhere (Free): dismiss a popup by tapping anywhere outside it.

Dndmymusic (Free): allows you to continue listening to music while recording a video on your iPhone.

Downloadally (Free): allows you to download videos from to your iPhone.

ExactTime (Free): shows the exact time of a notification.

LastTimeUnlocked (Free): shows the last time your iPhone was unlocked.

Smooth3D (Free): enhances the performance of 3D Touch menus.

Unsize (Free): displays the storage space an app is occupying when deleting it.

WAUnknownGroupFix (Free): allows you to delete unknown group chats in WhatsApp.

WeatherBanners ($0.99): displays the current temperature in a banner.
AirDrop Disabler (Free): removes the AirDrop button from Control Center.
betterNC10 (Free): brings subtle UI changes to Notification Center.
CCDataMore (Free): adds a cellular data toggle to Control Center.
Haskfm (Free): enhances the Askfm app for iOS.
NoGoogleAMP (Free): prevents Google from displaying web pages as AMP.
PanaromaPapers (Free): allows you to set a different wallpaper for each page of the Home screen.
SCOthman For Snapchat (Free): adds a number of new features to the Snapchat app.
WA Status Save ($1.99): lets you save WhatsApp Status media files to Camera Roll.
WiFiChannelBar (Free): displays the channel of the connected WiFi in Status bar.
AdBlock for YouTube (Free): blocks YouTube ads, including video ads.
AirDrop Disabler (Free): removes AirDrop option from Sharing Sheet.
Birdhouse (Free): replaces the ‘No notifications’ text in Notification Center with a random tweet.
DiscreetVoiceMemos (Free): hides the red recording Status bar and waveform on Lock screen.
Dont Stop the Party! ($2.00): forces songs to continue playing during respring.
GoAway (Free): allows you to change the ‘iPhone is disabled’ text on Lock screen.
I See Stars III (Free): displays star ratings in the Songs list and Playlist.
NoMoreStories (Free): removes Stories from the Facebook app.
Siliqua (Free): adds new touch gestures to your Apple AirPods.
WAAutoReply ($5.00): brings auto-reply feature to WhatsApp.
WechatFakeSteps (Free): lets you fake your WeChat footsteps count.

Other tweaks tested on iOS 10.1 - iOS 10.1.2

  • Substrate Safe Mode
  • PreferenceLoader
  • OpenSSH
  • 3D Switcher
  • 3D Touch to Clear Notifications
  • Action Menu
  • AdvancedSettings8
  • Alkaline
  • AlwaysFirstSwipe
  • AntRec
  • App Admin
  • AppInfo
  • AquaBoard
  • AutoBrightness
  • Barrel
  • Bars
  • BatteryLife
  • Bloard
  • BlurryBadges
  • BlurryLaunch
  • CacheClearer
  • Cask
  • CellularUsageOrder
  • CircleIcons
  • ClassicDock
  • ColorBadges
  • CrashReporter
  • Cydia Installer
  • Cylinder
  • Date in Statusbar
  • DeleteForever
  • DetailedBatteryUsage
  • DisableVoiceControl 8
  • Disk Pie
  • DismissProgress
  • DoubleCut
  • Edge
  • F.lux
  • FrontCamUnMirror
  • GIFViewer
  • GlowDock
  • HapticFeedBack
  • HideSettingsSearch
  • ICleaner Pro
  • Icon Renamer
  • IFile
  • ImageBoard
  • IOS Terminal
  • ITransmission 4
  • Libstatusbar
  • LocationFaker9
  • Minimal Hosts Blocker
  • MinimalisticUI
  • Moveable9
  • MTerminal
  • NetworkList
  • NoBlur
  • No carrier
  • NoLiveClock
  • NoMotion
  • NoPageDots
  • NoSlowAnimations
  • NoTrackpadDelay
  • NoVoiceMail
  • PhotoSize
  • Power Tap
  • QuickShuffleRepeat
  • RoundDock
  • Safari Full URL
  • SameStatus
  • Sentinel
  • Shy Page Dots
  • Skrollerz
  • SmoothCursor
  • SmoothPop
  • Snoverlay
  • SpeedyHomey
  • Splitify
  • Substrate Fix
  • SwipeForMore
  • SwipeSelection
  • Tactful
  • TetherMe for iOS 9 & 8
  • Touchr
  • TransparentDock
  • TsProtector
  • Tweak Count 2
  • UnBold
  • Unicode Faces
  • Upscale
  • WGet
  • WGradRemover
  • WhiteTerminal
  • Whoozit
  • Whoozit Pro
  • WiCarrier
  • WiFi Booster
  • WiJoin
  • WinterBoard
  • XCon
  • XPasscode
  • ZW1T
  • WiFi - The Strongest Link
  • Edit Alarms
  • StatusModifier
  • Eclipse 4

Extra - Tweaks ====== 2017

Cydia: Tweaks for iOS10.1.1 - iOS9.3.3 (January 2017)

Bkstg Plus

Do you use the popular Bkstg app from the App Store? If yes, then you would know that you cannot download and save photos or videos from the app to your camera roll. While the app officially restricts users from saving media, the Bkstg Plus tweaks enables this feature. With this tweak you can simply tap and hold on any image to save it in the Photos app. To save videos you have to tap three times after which the menu appears with the Save Video option. You can download the Bkstg Plus tweak from Cydia for free. It supports iOS 10 and iOS 9.


The CasualAlarm tweak plays a random song from your Music library as your alarm tone. From settings you can turn the tweak on or off. CasualAlarm is a free tweak that works with iOS 9 powered devices.


One of the many new features iOS 10 brought to the Messages app is the handwriting feature. The app allows users to draw a figure or write a message by drawing on the screen. The handwriting screen can be accessed by turning the device sideways. If you are not a fan of this feature, then install the NoHandwrittenMessage tweak, which disables handwriting mode. The tweak works with iOS 10 without any problems and is available in Cydia for download.


The Touchr tweak allows users to perform different actions with the Touch ID home button using gestures. With this tweak installed you can perform actions by single press, double press, triple press, hold, press and hold, and pressing on the button and then sliding on the screen. You can assign all these gestures to action of your choice including home button press, device lock, Siri, accessing App Switcher, screenshot, back, last app and more. Touchr tweak is available with a 3 day trial, after which it costs $1.99. While the tweak requires iOS 9 or higher to work, there’s no specific mention of iOS 10 on its description page.


Do you often use the iOS Low Power Mode even when your device is not running low on battery? Then CCLowPower tweak for iOS 10 is for you. This tweak adds a simple on/off toggle that allows you to turn on the mode whenever you like, no matter which app you are using. The CC button makes things much easier for the users as normally they have to access the setting by going through Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. CCLowPower tweak is available in Cydia for free.


The Disclose tweak, which is also compatible with iOS 10 allows users to close the ‘Look Up’ dictionary view by simply swiping. Normally you have to tap a button to exit the screen, so this tweak makes things quicker for the users. Disclose is available in Cydia for free.


Homi+ tweak simply removes the iOS dock from the bottom. Once the dock is removed the tweak adds another row of icons at the bottom that you can use to store your app icons in. Unlike the dock that stays in its place the bottom row will let you store different icons on different pages, adding more space to the homescreen. While Homi+ tweak is not for everyone there are surely many out there who would rather have an extra row instead of a fixed dock. Homi+ tweak is still in beta so it may have issues. The developer has promised to add customization options like custom height, custom row and column amount in the upcoming updates. You can download Homi+ tweak beta from Cydia by adding to your Cydia sources.


NotToday10 tweak removes the ‘Today view’ or the spotlight page that appears on the first page of the Notification Center, letting you to quickly access the pending alerts that usually reside on the second page. It will also remove the today view from lockscreen and the springboard. NotToday10 only supports iOS 10 and is available in Cydia under this repo:


Want to hide the iOS dock and bring it out on demand? Try the Shydock tweak from Cydia. The hack simply hides the dock and brings it back up whenever a pre-defined Activator gesture is performed. The tweak works very much like how dock hides and comes out on macOS, the only difference being instead of you bringing the cursor at the bottom of the screen you have to perform an Activator gesture. From settings you can select different gestures for hiding and showing the dock. You can also configure the animation duration. For now Shydock only supports iOS 9, but we hope iOS 10 compatibility will be added soon. You can download Shydock from Cydia for free.

Cydia: Tweaks for iOS9.3.3 - iOS10.1.2 (August 2017)

CCRecord (Free): lets you record your iPhone screen from Control Center.
Cream 2 (Free): colorizes the iOS 10 Control Center toggles.
Creamless (Free): removes the default white background color of Control Center toggles in iOS 10.
CustomCarrier (Free): allows you to change the carrier name to a custom one.
Disclose (Free): lets you close the ‘Look Up’ interface with a swipe gesture.
ForceInPicture (Free): brings Picture-in-Picture mode on unsupported iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices.
NoWallpaperGray (Free): disables the wallpaper dimming in iOS 10.
Reddit – No Blue On NSFW (Free): the name says it all.
Scriblit ($1.5): lets you doodle on your iPhone’s screen.
SnapchatNoClickbait (Free): hides Discover and Live Stories section in Snapchat.
Shydock (Free): hides the Home screen dock.
StatusFolder (Free): shows the Status bar even when you are inside a folder.
StatusSwitcher (Free): shows Status bar in App Switcher.
TwitterThemeToggler (Free): provides a faster method of toggling Night Mode in Twitter app.
YouText (Free): lets you customize the text and background colors in Notes app.
Verified Badge for Instagram (Free): adds the verified checkmark to your Instagram profile.
VKPass (Free): protects the VK app with passcode and Touch ID.

(EXTRA 2016)

PredictionShortcuts (Free):

Provides quick shortcut to cut, copy and paste buttons placed at the top of the iOS keyboard.


Anemone is similar to Winterboard tweak that allows users to install themes and customize icons of apps on their devices with Jailbreak.

Auxo 3

Auxo 3 is a multitasking tweak to give a new look to the iOS App Switcher 9.3.3 and also adds new features.


Cylinder gives the user the ability to modify the animations between pages of the Home Screen 9.3.3 iOS.

WiFiReminder (Free)

Lylac is similar to tweak Auxo 3 serves to add interesting features and effects to multitasking applications.


The Pegasus Cydia tweak allows you to enable the picture-in-picture function on any model iPhone with Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3. This function is used to view videos in overlay while using other applications with multitasking.


Peek-a-Boo is a tweak that adds 3D Touch features NOT supported devices. The interesting thing is that is not activated by holding your finger down on an element of iOS 9.3.3, but it does when you press firmly on the screen. Available in the repo:

Springtomize 3

Springtomize 3 is one of the best customization tweaks for iOS 9.3.3. It allows you to modify animations, icons, Dock, Notification Center, etc.


VirtualHome is a tweak to iOS 9.3.3 which gives users the option of using the Touch ID function as Home button.


His name says it all, brings notifications to iOS 9.3.3 Apple Watch, with a new design and with application icons protruding from the notification.

2nd List Cydia: Tweaks for iOS 9.3.3 (October 2016)

1. AppDrawer
2. SwitcherFlipper
3. Splitify
4. Appendix
5. Uninstall Application Size
6. Alkaline
7. FoldLock
8. AndroidLock XT
9. CCColor
10. YouTube ++
11. SwipeSelection

NEW - Top 50 FREE Compatible iOS 10 – 10.2 Cydia Tweaks

12. DoubleCut
13. 20 Second Lockscreen
14. Cylinder
15. NoPageDots7
16. Date In Statusbar (
17. StatusHUD 2
18. Swipe Home
19. Stealth Cam
20. DynamicText
21. RevealNC 9

November 2016 Cydia: Tweaks

10 Essential Cydia Tweaks You MUST Install After Jailbreaking

NOTE: BioLockdown, BioProtect or Springtomize 3 aren't updated yet, so don't try to install them.

1. Filza
2. mTerminal
3. Apple File Conduit 2
4. Mikoto (source:
5. No Pls Recovery
6. iCleaner Pro (source:
7. Springtomize 3 - NOT supported yet
8. Anemone
9. App Admin
10. Activator (source:
11. BioLockdown - NOT supported yet
12. Protect My Privacy - NOT fully supported yet
13. NoSlowAnimations

  • QuickDial Lite (Free): lets you assign contacts to keypad keys of the Phone app and quickly dial them by tapping and holding the corresponding key 
  • ShazamYoutubeLink (Free): redirects you to YouTube app from Shazam after you tag songs.
  • TransBack (Free): makes your Lock screen transparent so that the Home screen is viewable.

NEW Top iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks - iOS 10.2 & Cydia! (Yalu)

*** Top Tweaks List ***

Get Noctis (dark mode):
NoSlowAnimations - Speeds up stock iOS Animation time.  
SwipeForMore - More options when Installing Tweaks in Cydia 
CCLowPower - Low Power Mode toggle within the Control Center 
CCRecord - Screen Capture toggle within the Control Center 
Touchr - Virtual Home replacement for iOS 10 
Docker - Add a second row of icons to your dock, access them by swiping up on dock 
Platters - Adds an App Switcher and Favorites App tab to the Control Center 
Pm, Really? - Prompts an Alert when setting Alarms in the PM 
PowerDown - Adds more shutdown options when holding the power button  
SwipeSelection - Quickly control cursor location by swiping on your keyboard 
App Admin - Adds more options when installing apps such as the ability to downgrade them 
Phantom (Lite) - Adds more functionality and features to Snapchat 
iCleaner Pro - Cleans old Cache files, deletes message attachments and improves the speed of your iDevice 

*** End of Top Tweaks List ***
  • Vinculum ($0.99): an app drawer that allows you to quickly launch any app that you want.
  • AdaptiveColorPower (Free): removes the green fill from Lock screen battery icon.
  • BetterTextSelection (Free): makes the text selection in iOS more precise.
  • Launchpad ($2.5): provides quick access to various information right from Reachability area.
  • MadridDelete (Free): lets you delete messages from the Lock screen.  Can be downloaded from the following repo: .
  • uoYabause (Free): emulator for Sega Saturn.
  • Zephelia (Free): download videos from YouTube to your iOS device. 

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10.2 Jailbreak NEW

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

Cydia Sources:

TOP 10 iOS 10 - 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

The iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak and the iOS 10.2 jailbreak are still on beta, so if you decide to jailbreak and install tweaks you have to do it at your own risk. I have tested all the tweaks on my iPhone 5s on 10.2, they should work fine on all iOS 10 version 10 - 10.2

FlipControlCenter repo:
Grasshopper repo:
Peek-a-Boo repo:

BEST iOS 10 - 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks April 2017

Best iOS 10 - 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks of the week - These are tweaks compatible with iOS 10 - 10.2 jailbreak. 

The iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak and the iOS 10.2 jailbreak are still on beta, so if you decide to jailbreak and install tweaks you have to do it at your own risk. I have tested all the tweaks on my iPhone 5s on 
10.2, they should work fine on all iOS 10 version 10 - 

Top 10 FREE Cydia Tweaks 10.2 / 10.1.1 (February) 2017

Finally I've made a new jailbreak tweak video! I'm still messings around with the jailbreak i have a top 10 theme video coming soon! Watch Out ! 

Noctis Link to Install:
Free Tweaks Repo:

🌀Cydia Impactor:

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