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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Developing applications for iPhone has never been so easy with Udemy

The applications are the future. They are everywhere: on the mobile, on the tablet, on the PC, and even on TV. The world of mobile apps has a large amount of revenue, and therefore, more and more developers are encouraged to try their luck in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

But developing applications is not as easy as it seems ... It requires technical coding and programming skills that most people do not have. In addition, it is not easy to find courses in which this type of lesson is taught ...

Luckily, there are online platforms like Udemy dedicated to offering courses to learn how to develop applications for iOS and Android. In this case, we will recommend a series of specially designed courses for iOS 11, Xamarin iOS and Apple Watch.

Are you thinking about creating your own application for iPhone and iPad? Do you want your friends to download your creations from the iOS App Store? Would you like to discover how to learn how to develop apps? Today you are in luck, because Udemy will offer you discounted courses at 10 euros!
Udemy courses for the development of apps on iOS

iOS 11 and Swift: from zero to expert with JB

This full course of iOS 11 and Swift will help you learn the development of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with the programming language Swift 4 . Everything from scratch, so do not worry if you do not have any knowledge about it. You will learn the basic interface design with UIKit, ARKit, CoreML, CoreGraphics and Quartz Core.

Buy Udemy (10 euros)

Xamarin iOS: Learn from scratch to expert

The Xamarin iOS course will provide you with an opportunity to become an expert in Apple's mobile operating system with Visual Studio for Mac . It is usually a course that costs 40 euros, but it is on offer and it will cost you only 10 euros. With the simple explanations of each lesson you will learn advanced knowledge in C # for the development of elements such as: touch gestures, drag gestures, rotation gestures, image storage, Google Maps ...

Buy Udemy (10 euros)

Full course of development of apps for Apple Watch

In addition to learning to develop iOS apps for iPhone and iPad, Udemy courses also have lessons to learn how to create apps for watchOS. This course in particular is valued at 200 euros , but thanks to this offer you can learn it for 10 euros. The classes will allow you to download Xcode to learn the Swift language, and then develop applications such as multiplication tables, brain training, sound discotheques, compasses and even a WhatsApp clone.

Buy Udemy (10 euros)

ATTENTION : the promotion ends within 7 days (November 29).

Udemy teachers have years of experience, we are talking about a very serious company that will allow you to learn online to develop applications from scratch in an efficient, fun and comfortable way. Oh, from the sofa in your house! No complications, no price knowledge, no prices in the clouds ... Learn how to develop your own app! 

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