Discover the news that the App Store brings us for this week -


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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Discover the news that the App Store brings us for this week

If there is a feature that strikes the attention of iOS 11 is its renewed virtual store of applications, the App Store. Now it has a very f

In short, that's what we have done, bring you the best of the store so you can enjoy it comfortably on your iPhone or iPad. We have prepared a couple of games and two applications, one for photography and another for writing. Join us and we will show you the weekly proposal we have prepared.

Splashy Dots

If you like games like chess, Sudoku, Go or the Rubik's cube, you will be surprised how much this game has to offer and that is beyond the colorful artistic style. You must unite the points to recreate a pictorial trace . It is available for both iPhone and iPad.

Dark - Analog retro film

If your hobby is photography maybe you should take a look at this app. Do you remember the dark rooms to do the revelations? Well this is what the application offers you, control the light and experiment with it . An authentic past that will make your snapshots true wonders, yes, you have to experiment a lot with it.


Ulysses is a very complete writing application for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The writing experience moves to a new level very pleasing to the eye. Allows you to focus on what is important, in writing , leaving the format for the last moment. Your texts taken to another dimension.

Words With Friends 2

I do not know if you will remember a classic game like Scrabble. This application also deals with that, play with word (you can do it in six different languages). A fun way to train the mind while you expand your vocabulary. 

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