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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Do not ever ask the Apple Watch what time it is (bug)

If there is something we like about the Apple Watch, it is the convenience to be able to access daily tasks such as checking our activity, looking at the mail, responding to a message, seeing events on the calendar or asking Siri something without having to use the iPhone. And what question is more typical than those of climatology.

Just discovered a strange bug in the Apple Watch that causes the device to restart : you just have to ask Siri what time it will do. But beware, any type of weather question will have the same effect: What is the weather like today? What temperature is it? It's raining?

A watchOS 4.1 bug causes the Apple Watch to restart when asking about time

This problem has been documented in several Reddit threads, so it seems that it happens to a lot of users. The complaints have begun to be published this morning and apparently they would affect the Apple Watch 3 , the most modern model of Apple's smartwatch, both in its LTE version and in the GPS. Also, the older models that have watchOS 4.1 could also suffer.

At the moment, this error has been reported in the United States, Europe and Canada. It is not known what would cause the failure , since the El Tiempo app works well, Siri responds appropriately to the same question from the iPhone and restarting the device does not solve this problem.

Surprisingly, asking Siri about the weather tomorrow or next week does not cause the problem , it seems that it is only about the current weather conditions, both here and elsewhere. So that we understand each other, questions like What's the weather in Barcelona? or Is it sunny? They would cause the lock and restart of the device, but if you ask, is it going to rain on Wednesday ?, the clock would work correctly.

We imagine that Apple will take action on the matter and launch a patch to solve this amazing bug . So currently the best option in the meantime is to refrain from asking Siri for the time

Via | Macrumors

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