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Friday, 10 November 2017

Do not ever close WhatsApp by sliding: without notifications!

If you have an iPhone and use WhatsApp (who does not?), You will have encountered a strange warning when trying to close the app : a message that warns us that by sliding to close we could stop seeing the notifications of the app. What does this mean?

Obviously that an app does not notify you when it is closed is a clear error, a bug in every rule and even more so when it comes to a messaging app: what use then notifications? Do we have to have the app always open or how is this going? These questions we have all made and many have uploaded to the internet.

    How are you closing the App?
    - Apple Support (@AppleSupport) November 1, 2017

How is the problem of WhatsApp notifications on iPhone

The normal thing when we have many apps working in the background is that we double click on the Home button and slide upwards to close them. In the case of the iPhone X, you should slide up to the middle of the screen and keep the screen pressed for one second and slide up to close the app. And yes, this problem of WhatsApp notifications occurs in both the iPhone X and the rest of iPhone models .

Since when does this bug exist? Well since iOS iOS 11 made its appearance a month and a half ago and its successive updates have not remedied it. It's no wonder that iOS 11 is one of Apple's less successful operating systems . Four patches later, is still plagued by errors: calculator bug, mail bug, continuous lags on old devices and excessive battery consumption are the main complaints of users.

However, it is believed that this failure of iOS 11 and WhatsApp affects from October 31. In theory, Apple would be aware of this failure and would be working on it for the next update .

Via | Daily Mail 

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