Do not let these apps and free games go by, they expire soon! -


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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Do not let these apps and free games go by, they expire soon!

As we do not rest, we decided to spend part of Saturday walking around the revamped App Store. Surprisingly we have found some applications and games that are usually paid and that only today will be free . So, since we have a good heart, what better to share with all our readers.


Are you ready to overtake the cops? Do not worry you're a good person, but you do not know! Welcome to RunawayJRider! You will be in the race of the police in high-speed chases This corridor goes like a motorcycle without end in the streets and highways. Cross the streets and crush the extreme traffic in order to survive this fast-paced racing game.


Rudoku is an expert level puzzle challenge for numbers fans and logic games. Multiple game modes, difficulty levels and board sizes will keep your brain stimulated as you decipher the solutions of each puzzle. Keep high game statistics and win multiple achievements, this will make Rudoku a must-have game.

Voice Recorder - Memoranda

It is a simple and effective app that allows you to record any sound or voice very quickly and accurately. The interface is also very successful and minimalist at the right point. A good alternative to the one that our device brings and to which you will take a lot of advantage.

Zogaj Memo Gym

Your brain loves to have fun! Making memorization effective has to do with fun. When your brain is having fun, you remember better . Children from 4 to 12 years old love to play Zogaj Memo Gym.

Zogaj Memo-Gym is the choice of professional memory champions. It's perfect when you prepare your brain for the big championships, but it's still easy enough for a 4-year-old to have fun and learn the basic skills in all memory workouts.

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