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Monday, 13 November 2017

Do not miss these FREE apps for iPhone and iPad

The iOS App Store offers news every week, including those applications that are on offer and free for a limited time . In this selection we will highlight all those free apps that are worth downloading on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

There are many applications available totally free on iOS, but today we will reveal those that are on offer for a limited time. And go more interesting apps!

In this collection of free apps you will find applications of entertainment, productivity, creativity, weather information ... and even games for iPhone and iPad!

Free apps only today, November 13


Spellcaster! is a curious application that will allow you to know all the available information about your horoscope, the tarot and all kinds of content related to these topics.

Car Club: Tuning Storm

If you consider yourself a great lover of cars, you will love this application that offers many more vehicle customization options than titles such as Need for Speed ​​or Gran Turismo. 3D models with very well elaborated graphics.

QR Code Scanner Pro iRocks 

QR Code Scanner Pro is one of the best applications to scan QR codes on the market. How does it work? Just point your QR code with your camera and it will automatically redirect you to emails, web pages, contact information, etc.

Translate for Safari

Translate for Safari is a useful translation tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that will automatically translate the web pages of your native iOS web browser. It has its own extension and is capable of playing audio to translate the content. 

Weather Now - Widget

Weather Now is one of the best weather information applications for iOS. It has amazing graphics and very accurate data about time. In addition, it has a specially designed widget for the Notification Center.

Space Story

Space Story is a fantastic game of spaceships for iPhone and iPad in which you will control a captain who is in a space war. Your mission will be to survive and save a world destined for destruction.

So far our selection of free apps for iPhone and iPad . We hope you liked the collection today. Remember that they are free for a limited time, so take advantage of the offer and download the apps that you like the most as soon as possible. 

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