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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Do you give away the iPhone X in this Apple Store?

As we get closer to the official launch of the iPhone X , customers hoping to get one of Apple's next-gen smartphones on November 3 are already lining up in several Apple Stores around the world.

The queues in some Apple Stores have begun to form at the beginning of this week , and some people have been waiting days and days to buy an iPhone X.

In the attached image, as you can see, some customers have brought their own tent. That's the Apple Store on West 14th Street in Manhattan.

The queues to buy an iPhone X are very long

From Apple have mentioned that their official stores will have the iPhone X available for customers to come, but the company of the bitten apple has recommended consumers queue very soon because the supply of the device is quite scarce. And is that Apple has had problems in the process of manufacturing the iPhone X.

In this other image, which comes from an Instagram user in Sydney, Australia, we see how the queues in the App Store begin to be really long.

There are still 24 hours left for the launch of the iPhone X in the United States . But there are many consumers who have wanted to queue to get the new Apple iPhone X.

As the day progresses, especially in the United States, queues will continue to grow . Once the Australian Apple Stores open their doors tomorrow, we will have valuable information about how much stock of the iPhone X will be available in store, but it seems that the supplies will be very tight with respect to the high demand and the reserves that have been made. .

So if you are planning to buy the new smartphone from the company of the bitten apple, we recommend you follow these steps for what to do in the Apple Store to buy it.

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