Do you hate iOS 11? You are not the only one -


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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Do you hate iOS 11? You are not the only one

It's not just you: iOS 11 is not as popular as the previous updates, despite all the improvements it brings, many of which were demands from a large part of the users . It was announced with great pomp on September 12 in the keynote, and available to the public from the 19th of the same month.

People are updating iOS 11 at a slower pace compared to other recent updates, according to new statistics released by Apple .

Only 52 percent of devices have made the update until November 6, according to the Apple developer website . While it's not a bad start in any way (and still significantly better than Android), it's below previous updates.

In comparison, last year's iOS 10 update was 60 percent at the end of October , after its release in September.

While Apple has given users many reasons to update , such as new emoji, ARKit ready applications and integrated screen registration, there are several other reasons why some may be suspended.

The iOS 11 update will block thousands of older applications that have not been updated to support 64-bit processors. The deployment has also been plagued with more errors than usual , including a particularly annoying keyboard problem and battery problems. There's also the fact that some of the best new features of iOS 11 were just for iPad.

Among all that and the general skepticism that many people have about the new iOS updates, it's not surprising that people have been a bit slower to update than in previous years .

Have you updated? What do you think about iOS 11? We hope your comments and we hope you follow us on social networks. See you soon!

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