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Friday, 10 November 2017

Even the iPhone 7 sells more than the iPhone 8!

One month ago, a study was started through surveys in which it was concluded that the iPhone 7 sells more than the iPhone 8 . Well, the results of this study have been confirmed after the new market analysis of the firm Canalys.

According to the data shared by Canalys, the iPhone 7 has been the best-selling smartphone during the third quarter (Q3) . For its part, the iPhone 8 has not managed to enter the top 5 positions on the list.

Estimates suggest that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have reached a figure of 11.8 million units sold. But Apple sold 13 million units of the iPhone 7. Curious, right?

The iPhone 7 is still king

The curious sales figures shared by Canalys may be due to the fact that the iPhone 8 has not yet had enough time to adapt to the smartphone market. Recall that the third quarter begins in July and ends in September. So, considering that the iPhone 8 was introduced in September, the numbers regain meaning.

"Apple's iPhone 7 has been the best selling smartphone in the third quarter of 2017, with 13 million units sold. The iPhone 6s is in second place with 7.9 million units sold. The Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime was the third with 7.8 million units sold. "

Another of the most surprising data revealed by Canalys market analysis indicates that the iPhone 8 Plus has become a much more popular model than the iPhone 8 . That is, it has sold more and better.

    "Apple sold 5.4 million units of iPhone 8, and the company sold 6.3 million units of iPhone 8 Plus."

Before finalizing, it is worth mentioning that Apple has launched the hunt for Samsung with its iPhone X for the last quarter of 2017. Estimates indicate that the company of the bitten apple will surpass Samsung with a market share of 19, 1 %.

Source | 9to5mac 

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