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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Even people with small hands can use the iPhone X

One of the biggest points in favor of the sale of the new iPhone X is its giant screen , but for users with short fingers or small hands, that means that navigating the touch screen of 5.8 inches of the phone could be a great challenge .

Apple created a solution for small people called "reachability", which was introduced in iOS along with the iPhone 6 Plus in 2014. All users must click the start button twice , and the top of the application that is open moves lower on the screen for easier navigation.

However, when the iPhone X was officially unveiled, there were doubts about how it would work without a physical start button . There were even rumors that the company planned to completely eliminate the accessibility feature, which probably would have made the 5.8-inch screen difficult to sell to everyone who got used to accessibility in previous generations of the iPhone.

Fortunately, a quick hands-on session with the iPhone X shows that the feature is still part of iOS .

The accessibility on the iPhone X is slightly different without the start button, and it could be even easier to use than it was before . This is how it is activated:

-Open Settings> General> Accessibility .

-Make sure that the "Accessibility" option is activated .

-Open an application.

Swipe down on the gesture bar at the bottom of the screen. That should take the top of the screen to a more accessible place .

You can see the process in this useful video:

The size of the new and beautiful OLED screen of the iPhone X should not scare potential buyers with size problems, with accessibility still a key feature of help. People love big screens, so smart phone makers will make sure to include solutions so everyone can use them easily , no matter what their size of hands.

Via | mashable

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