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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Everything that the iPhone X has exclusively and you will not see on Android

Yes, the facial recognition of the iPhone X is unrivaled in any Android phone. Although there have been attempts to create methods similar to Face ID, none has managed to establish itself as a safe system to be taken into account.

And no, the iris recognition of the Galaxy S8 and Note8 has nothing to do with this. To date, we have not seen a technology similar to the True Depth sensor of the iPhone X, and it seems that we will still take a while to see it .

Simple and effective gesture navigation

With the fall of the iPhone start button, Apple has had to introduce a new navigation system to move through iOS. It was even raised the possibility that Apple created a virtual start button similar to what Android did, but went further.

Thanks to the gestures of the iPhone X, we have no problem to reach the apps that we need at any time in an easy and simple way . With a couple of days, we can not use the iPhone any other way.

The Animojis, the last cry in ... Communication?

It may seem like a joke, but the truth is that the Animojis have managed to surprise half the world. Although perhaps it would be more correct to say that users have managed to surprise us with the uses they have been given, such as the karaoke that some of them are mounting. And it has not been a week since the phone went on sale, we can not wait to see what they will do with the Animojis in a few months (If they have not gone out of style already).

_And to you, what Android function would you like to have seen on the new iPhone X?

Via | Andro4All 

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