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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Everything you can do with the iPhone X in video

Looking back on the long and illustrious history of the iPhone, the iPhone X represents a typical turning point . While we've seen dramatic improvements in the iPhone's past, the iPhone X certainly marks the most radical transformation of the iPhone we've seen to date.

Along with a new OLED screen without borders, the design of the iPhone X eliminates the start button, a distinctive feature of all the iPhone. In short, the user experience of the iPhone X, which now includes Face ID and a variety of new gestures, will completely change the way of interacting with Apple's smartphone .

The iPhone X, undoubtedly, will shake the smartphone market, and, in turn, Apple has decided to process the early review process a little differently. Traditionally, Apple delivers new iPhones to select collaborators and publications , and puts the resulting opinions under lock and key, on the condition that it does not get up until the Wednesday before it goes on sale.

This year, Apple has taken a different approach. There are already enough videos of the iPhone X in operation .

Along with that, and in an apparent attempt to generate interest in the circles that are outside the traditional technology press, Apple also sent iPhone X units to youtubers , which on the platform have published their opinions and video impressions on the day from today. If you are waiting for your iPhone X order or are just curious to see what the next generation of the Apple iPhone brings to the table, you should definitely watch these videos.

For that reason, we leave you with all the videos that you can find on YouTube. Some are more rigorous and others are nevertheless more fun . If you can hype and want to placate a little, maybe you should see them so that, probably, your hype grows even more.

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