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Monday, 6 November 2017

Falling Ballz, be careful because it is very addictive

Falling Ballz is an easier idea of ​​Ketchapp. It seems to be tremendously rudimentary, but it is certainly strangely addictive . All you have to do is throw balls across the screen, breaking the various shapes scattered around.

The problem is that, after the forms reach the top of the screen, the game is over for you. You must control each part that develops, however, the rhythm is not essential, the accuracy itself .

However, we think it is better to give you good advice, tricks and strategies to make sure that you will resist for a long time.
The basics

If you have played different games like this, you may be confused by the intentions of Falling Ballz. There is no tutorial, however you should familiarize yourself quickly enough with the game . Relax your brain with the champion to kill time.

Slide your finger to throw the balls down and break the different shapes. Try to break as many shapes as possible before climbing to the top.

Do not lose extra balls to collect and clean the screen.
Use the balls efficiently

You only have one shot on each throw to get as many balls as possible. Aim well so you can be able to break a good amount of balls in the best way. It is not random, however, it takes a bit of time for physics to get used to it. The vital factor is that you simply do not hit a ball and that's it.

Do you see the little white enhancers? Those give you the right to an additional ball . The round shapes are quite easy to hit, however, the same is not true for squares and triangles.

Consider trying to design the shots of your balls to bounce between two forms repeatedly , causing break loads very quickly in any aspect. This works significantly effectively when the phases get busier and there are extra ways to deal with them . You will really feel satisfied when this works, so run to download it. 

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