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Friday, 24 November 2017

Firefox will alert users to visit hacked sites

Internet security is an issue that increasingly concerns users, who want to be safe when they use their web browser, we all want to be protected and avoid the problems of suffering a malware infection or using our computers to go to your know what task. Although most browsers already offer alerts of security problems to users, Firefox wants to go further. Firefox will alert users when they visit sites that have already been compromised .

Mozilla did a great job in getting back to Firefox the capabilities that many recognized over the years. That is, to be the fastest, most efficient and, above all, most appropriate browser for what users are looking for. Mozilla Firefox Quantum brought numerous features that have helped a number of users re-use this browser as their default browser. Thanks to the latest version of this browser Mozilla has recovered the prominent place it always had in the world of web browsers.

But Firefox wants more and for this it is prepared to have, in future versions, the ability to alert users whenever they visit sites that are identified as compromised. For this, you will use the information of the well-known website "have i been pwned?" .

At the moment these alerts are not yet integrated in Firefox, but the work to achieve that they are already started. If you are interested in trying this new functionality, you can do it thanks to an extension that is available on GitHub .

The idea is to put is to have that code directly in Firefox and have it as a native function. In addition to the alert, it will also be possible to subscribe future alerts to have notifications in case of new problems.

It is still early to know when we will see this new feature integrated in Firefox or even if it will go into production. Everything will depend on how the work of the developers involved in this project evolves.

What we can say is that this is another proof that Firefox wants to improve the vision that users of this browser have, fleeing from what the competition offers and launching news that others do not have.

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