For your pretty face, this is Apple's announcement about Face ID -


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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

For your pretty face, this is Apple's announcement about Face ID

There is no doubt that one of the value points of the new iPhone X is its Face ID biometric recognition system. It is a technology developed by Californians and although they have not been the first to use it on a smartphone, they have done it in a different way .

The technology that activates Face ID incorporates the most advanced hardware and software ever designed. Its system of cameras TrueDepth allows to register thanks to 30000 points a precise map of your face and an infrared image of it.

In addition, Face ID adapts innately to the changes that occur in your appearance . it's the same as if you had made up more than necessary, put the bangs on the other side or you gave rein to your wildest side with a nose ring.

It is also able to overlook that you wear a hat, a scarf or a very dark sunglasses, because speaking of darkness, you can recognize yourself in the total absence of light. Apple boasts that its Face ID system is very difficult to violate , and that it has a one in a million chance that someone outside of you can unlock your device.

That's why Apple has just published an ad on its YouTube channel in which it powers its most recent technology and one that it really feels proud of, the Face ID. We see it?

The announcement, with music from the NVDES group and that makes a theme called suspiciously "Turning Heads", is based on your face is your password , and in addition to unlocking your iPhone X you can make payments with it. Although there are several people of different races, the spot revolves around a girl who changes her look frequently.

And it seems that Face ID has come to stay, Apple has made a giant leap with its biometric identification system and will be a point of no return.

Did you like the ad? All this and more in comments. 

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