From today you can send and receive money with Apple Pay cash -


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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

From today you can send and receive money with Apple Pay cash

Just released the public beta of iOS 11.2 , Apple is getting the batteries updating one of the most complete operating systems that has released to date. It is seen that he wants to return even more robust update after update: in addition he still has to add things that he promised us in the WWDC.

If you have an iPhone X and want to be able to share money with your family and friends through Messages , you'll still have to wait. Although Apple is activating the functionality little by little to its users, it will not do it even in Spain.

iOS 11.2 public beta

If you are registered in the public betas system you must have received a message like this, which warns you that you can now download it via OTA . If you are in the United States, you will be able to enjoy that functionality that we long for here in Spain.

Once inside the Messages app you will see an Apple Pay button in the applications section. With this button you can initiate payments to friends and family with a simple message.

The most interesting of this functionality is that you can start a payment through a message that requires money or with a message that explicitly asks you for money with Apple Pay.

Requirements to have Apple Pay in Messages

The fundamental requirement is to have activated the authentication in two steps of your Apple ID , iOS 11.2 and a credit or debit card added to your Apple Pay account.

If you pay through the debit card you will not receive any charge and if you do it through the credit card, you will receive the standard fee for credit cards.

If you accept money from someone, you will be generated a virtual credit card called Apple Cash that will allow you to use it both to pay other users and in stores that have Apple Pay. 

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