Give an iPhone 8 to each guest at an Arab wedding -


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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Give an iPhone 8 to each guest at an Arab wedding

I think I can consider myself a rare person for one fact: I love weddings . Go dressed as a goddess, eat and drink as in Olympus (of the gods), dance and surround yourself with people willing to have fun and some loved ones. Come on, the closest thing to Eurovision or New Year's Eve that exists. However, where I only see pleasure, others see a via crucis in the form of torture to the wallet: suit, accessories, makeup, hairdressing, traveling, gifts ...

And is that weddings have become businesses that are not available to everyone. Not to mention that in some occasions they can end up like a Greek tragedy: drunk like a tuna, fighting with a guest or even worse, getting up when the priest says "If someone has something to object, that speaks now or that street forever". How we like drama!

But it is not usually that way. After a fun evening, the couple usually give us a souvenir so that we do not forget that expensive and special day. The general rule is that it is something useless and if possible quite tacky . So, they can give you photo frames, a toilet bag to get hygiene items ... or if you have any luck, a USB or a bottle of wine. Of course, nothing worthwhile or worth too much.

At least, at weddings where I move. But of course, another story has to be the wedding of the jet set, or else look what we have found: something wonderful, spectacular and that would make us go to the wedding without hesitation. A wedding in which they give away iPhone 8! What level! Of course, if they give away iPhone ... how much would be covered? How much would the guests have to give away? So almost better I stay as I am.

Do you have a wedding on the horizon?

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