Goodbye to the Jailbreak of the iPhone: two repos of Cydia are closed -


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Friday, 24 November 2017

Goodbye to the Jailbreak of the iPhone: two repos of Cydia are closed

There are bad times for the Jailbreak : between Apple develops iOS with more and more options and that the devs seem to have agreed to show their capacity, but to report to Apple the security bugs instead of taking advantage of them, jailbreak the iPhone every time it's more complicated. And this latest news that comes from reddit only confirms it.

Two repos or repositories of Cydia, ModMyi and ZodTTD / MacCiti would have closed in the last hours . For us to get used to the idea, two of Cydia's three largest repositories have closed, leaving BigBoss as the main functional alternative.

In both repos we could find a huge amount of apps, themes and other files for devices with the jailbreak done. So that we understand each other, an alternative App Store species .

Its closure is due to several reasons : every time there is less interest is the jailbreak, which allows access to the root of the device, modifying iOS and installing apps not approved by Apple on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Is it the end of the iPhone's jailbreak?

When in 2007 the iPhone and iPod touch were launched, the popularity of jailbreak grew like foam and it did so with reason . Before the existence of the App Store, it was essential to install apps and games. In addition, it was very useful to incorporate new wallpapers, something that was not possible in previous versions of iOS.

Over the years, the jailbreak has continued to enjoy fame thanks to the tweaks that sooner or later Apple has been implementing with the updates but that did not exist before: screen recording, multitasking, widgets on the lock screen, toggles of the system…

But right now we can find those functions officially and safely . The jailbreak is dying because perhaps it has already fulfilled its role: it does not interest either the users or the developers, with which it can be said that we are in the chronicle of an announced death.

Via | Reddit 

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