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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Goodbye to makeup: the anti-selfies app that you will hate

Now, what we could not imagine was that there was a mobile app for iPhone whose mission is totally the opposite, remove the makeup you wear in any photograph and make you look like you are, without retouching or anything like that. Join us and we tell you more.

The application is born from the hand of the developers of Magic Unicorn, although the designer of it is Ashot Gabrelyanov , and not only is able to eliminate any type of makeup , it also allows you to add it so you can check how that base or that would be good for you profiler of such a bold color and that you are hesitating to put on.

People who have tried it say that the results are not as encouraging as they are intended, since it is able to correctly eliminate very obvious things like a red lipstick, but when doing this the skin appears with wrinkles that are not in the original or with more spots. Come on, on top of that natural lights you end up finishing. All a jewel!

It seems that this app is a kind of experiment , the company is working on augmented reality applications, but that technique applied to MakeApp is not very satisfactory. Even so, they do not give up in their effort to make things better for future updates.

    This tool removes makeup from any video using AI 😳
    - Product Hunt (@ProductHunt) October 29, 2017

If you dare to try it and upload the results with a before and after to our social networks we would be delighted. We look forward to your photos!

Via | mashable 

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