Google and Apple start a war ... for the emoji of the hamburger -


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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Google and Apple start a war ... for the emoji of the hamburger

Google or Apple? Apple or Google? Hard choise. If you're here, we imagine you're one of those with the bitten apple. But beware, we are not talking about choosing a mobile, tablet or computer. But ingredients to make the perfect burger. Specifically, those of their respective emojis. It may seem silly, but it has its mystery. If you've never thought about it, it's that you're not the one who cooks at home.

Normal bread or bun? Crude or caramelized onion? With Gherkin? Do we add bacon? And egg? One thing is undeniable: the hamburger has to carry cheese . But where do we put it: right above or below the burger? Actually, both the Google emoji and Apple have the same ingredients, the problem is order.

The controversy has started on Twitter and the matter has taken such a turn that even the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai , has intervened to give his opinion on the matter and convene an emergency meeting to discuss it.

And that is that while Google places the cheese under the meat, with the lettuce covering the rest of the ingredients, Apple chooses to put the cheese on the meat, with the lettuce in the lower area. You will think that I am not objective but even in this, Apple is right : the cheese should be on the hot meat, so that it is well founded.

There have also been people who have criticized Apple with all the reason in the world , and is that the idea of ​​putting the lettuce leaf touching the meat is not good either, because the lettuce loses its crispy texture with the heat, in addition to darkening.

To clarify the matter, Jeremy Burge, editor of the Emojipedia and vice president of the Unicode committee , has started to investigate the issue consulting chefs, although it has also taken into account the users of the social network.

The conclusion of all this? We love the controversy, eat a delicious hamburger and that neither Apple nor Google are right, since the correct order would be lettuce, cheese and finally meat.

Via | Mashable

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