Hack the Face ID of the iPhone X only costs $ 200 By Sergio J. Ortiz - Nov 28, 2017 - CYDIAPLUS.com


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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Hack the Face ID of the iPhone X only costs $ 200 By Sergio J. Ortiz - Nov 28, 2017

A research and security company called Bkav has managed to trick the Face ID functionality by using a 3D printed mask . Now, they have shared the results on video to show how they have "hacked" the facial recognition feature of the iPhone X.

Called as "artificial twin" the second mask created by Bkav is based on its first mask that was acquired by a 3D printer.

In the video that we will attach below you will see how the cyber-security signature completely eliminates facial recognition data to, again, configure Face ID and show how you can cheat with the mask without cheating or cardboard.

How to hack Apple's Face ID 

It's funny how it is possible to fool the Face ID function of the iPhone X with your own hand, holding a mask. When they show the second mask and use it to unlock the iPhone X, we are stunned. Security is very important in this technological age, and it is worrying to know that if you lose your smartphone, someone can access your data through facial recognition using this method.

This proves that Apple needs to improve the security of Face ID facial recognition technology , since it is not 100% reliable for bank transfers. Although it is not easy to cheat, someone with the necessary resources can achieve hacking Face ID on his victim's iPhone X.

The Face ID feature is still in its first generation phase, but it is not as reliable as Touch ID. Do you think Apple should have kept both functions on the iPhone X? What do you think about this news? Share your point of view in the comments section and on our social networks.

Via | iPhone Hacks 

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