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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Hacking the iPhone 7 is that easy and fast

In the heat of the imminent arrival of the iPhone X to our homes (although if you are youtuber or expert probably already you have been able to enjoy it), from the annual conference Trend Micro Pwn2Own of Tokyo we get a news that makes many users throw themselves tremble: a demonstration of the hacking of the iPhone 7 .

And it has not been the only model whose vulnerabilities have been studied: the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Google Pixel and Huawei Mate 9 Pro have been put to the test. The sum of the prizes for skipping the safety of the top of the range reaches half a million dollars.

How much does it cost to hack an iPhone 7?

In fact, an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.1 ( the latest version of iOS 11 available ) was hacked 2 times by Tencent Keen Security Lab. For this, in the first place a bug was used that attacked the Wi-Fi network and the second one was broken Safari browser, achieving 110,000 and 45,000 dollars respectively. But not only 2, but 4 bugs were detected in the 2016 iPhone model.

In case you're wondering, the Safari exploit caused Tencent Keen Security Lab to access the terminal in just a few seconds . Richard Zhu, another security expert, used two other Safari bugs to access the iPhone 7 successfully. Not that comfort much, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Huawei Mate 9 Pro, had the same fate, rewarding $ 350,000 for the hacking of both.

Not all bad news

It is clear that not everyone knows as much as to make use of these bugs of the iOS and Android code, but we must exercise extreme caution with our phones and the information they contain .

The Pwn2Own fair continues today, which is still not ruled out that new bugs are found in our brand new phones . In any case and although this news leaves us with bad body, Apple always attends these events and takes measures to correct these vulnerabilities. So remember to keep your phone up to date with the latest updates.

Before the results are made public, the manufacturing company (in this case Apple) has 90 days to remove a patch and cover their backs .

Via | Macrumors

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