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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Hardness test: So the iPhone X holds the hammer

Torturing a new iPhone X is not a very nice thing to see ... it's painful. See how a terminal so spectacular, so new ... But someone has to do it!

Resistance and hardness tests are practically a tradition when a new technology device comes onto the market. Still, it is still shocking to see how some people hit an iPhone with all kinds of objects. Remember that the iPhone X is not a precisely cheap smartphone ... they are more than € 1,000.

Let's cut to the chase, a new YouTube video on the TechRax channel shows us how the iPhone X resists the blows of a hammer.
Endurance test: hit an iPhone X with a knife and a hammer

The video shows how the TechRax user begins literally "stabbing" the iPhone X with a knife. It is surprising to see how the OLED screen of the smartphone of the tenth anniversary of the company of the bitten apple holds the blows of the knife without showing a single scratch.

Shortly after, the resistance test with the hammer begins. Here the iPhone X does not have any chance ... Obviously, its OLED screen ends completely shattered.

Even so, although the OLED screen was shattered, the iPhone X was still running and did not shut down. It is clear that the video is not very funny, nobody likes to see how a beautiful iPhone is destroyed, much less when it costs so much money. But it is very curious to see how, even with the OLED screen totally shattered, the facial recognition system continues to work perfectly through the Face ID functionality.

What do you think about this endurance test of the iPhone X? Is it necessary to perform this type of tests on smartphones? Do you think that the new Apple iPhone is resistant?

Source | BGR 

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