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Saturday, 4 November 2017

How bad are some apps on the iPhone X

The iPhone X has the best screen of any iPhone, but if you are among the multitude of people who stand in line to buy one this week, do not expect all your applications to look perfect immediately.

This is because the changes that Apple introduced with the iPhone X were so dramatic that the developers had to struggle to update their applications and optimize them for the device . And despite Apple's continuous reminders to developers in recent weeks, many of them have not yet made the necessary changes.

It is difficult to say exactly how many applications have been updated to be compatible with the iPhone X in recent weeks, although more and more updates appear on the App Store every day. According to the analysis of the marketing firm Sensor Tower, about 2,700 application updates from the day after the launch of the iPhone X refer to "iPhone X" in its release notes, which suggests that the number is numerous.

Sensor Tower says that about 1,000 of these updates have decreased since Monday, which is undoubtedly an encouraging sign that developers are moving quickly. But considering that there are millions of applications in the App Store, there is still enough to update.

For the first users, that means there will be a frustrating impasse during the first weeks and maybe even months. Even some of the best-known developers will not have fully optimized applications available on the first day or even the first week.

Part of that delay is due to how much different the iPhone X is compared to any previous version. For developers, the iPhone X is by far " the most striking change in the user interface of the iPhone, " explains Sebastian de With, a former Apple designer and part of the team behind the Halide camera application.

Even though he and many other developers were anticipating many of the changes due to the avalanche of leaks prior to its release, it is not a small task to make the necessary adjustments, particularly for independent developers who may be balancing multiple projects.

For With, who does not work at Halide full time, it took a full weekend of work just for the application to reach a point where it was not " embarrassingly broken " on the iPhone X. Then, another two weeks for get to a point where he and his engineering partner, Ben Sandofsky, felt that the application was completely ready.

" We had to find a balance between redesigning and starting over, " says Sandofsky.

Consider this, the width of the iPhone X screen is the same as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, but it is significantly higher than the previous iPhone, adding 20 percent more space , according to the human interface guidelines from Apple.

But developers, in most cases, can not simply extend their applications to fit. The screen of the iPhone X also has rounded corners, which is another adjustment that must be made , to avoid part of the application being cut in the corners.

Then there's the notch, Apple has very specific instructions on how developers should work with the cut. Developers should make sure to enable " full screen " applications that reach the edges of the screen everywhere.

Some Google applications got tangled in the notch, using the entire screen , while most showed an empty black space at the top.

But even though Apple can be much more explicit with its developers, the first users to have the iPhone X will experience many of these same problems . For some applications, such as Google Maps, this does not "ompe the application, but it makes it seem less than normal, almost as if it were a much older iPhone model. The photo of the superior of the iPhone X with Google Maps is very explicit.

For other non-optimized applications, the iPhone X screen actually interferes with the application's UI.

To be absolutely clear, many of these problems will probably be solved in due time . Now it's easy to forget, but when Apple first introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there were similar problems and the App Store took months to catch up.

And, unlike then, when developers were at least confident that future iPhones would remain in the two largest sizes, those who create iPhone X applications should also make sure to maintain the optimal experience for iPhone 8 and previous generations. . There is a growing number of application sizes to maintain.

"It's not like supporting two applications, it's like supporting an application and a half, " says Halide Sandofsky's engineer. " We have to confirm that as we move things we are not breaking things for the vast majority of people who do not have an iPhone X. "

In which applications are you suffering from this problem? Tell us in comments.

Via | mashable

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