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Sunday, 26 November 2017

How emoji are made

If you have ever used emojis to express yourself in your conversations or digital publications, which is quite likely at this point, I am sure that at some point you have felt that you are not able to represent what you feel with them. The emojis were created in order to give a little more emotion to each message through different pictorial representations, however, there is still much to be perfect.

Not even though we have the new animojis of the iPhone X can we express each and every one of our emotions, and that is that we would need lots of emojis to do that. But we also need to have some control so that everyone can understand the same emoji all over the world, no matter what device or operating system they use. That's what the subcommittee of Unicode Emoji is in charge of.

The process of emojis, like many other things, is a matter of votes 

Unicode is primarily responsible for maintaining a standard regarding digital communication. And in a matter of emojis it was not going to be less. In this case, it is a sub-committee that decides which proposals are accepted, in order to take them to the telephones in the future, and which ones are not. To try your luck, you simply have to send your idea to the committee through the Unicode website .

With that small step, you could give place to the new star among the emojis, and perhaps you will achieve that certain cultural aspects, gestures, or emotions are represented by these cartoons. Just try not to be too concrete , as recommended by Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia and one of the members of the committee, because there seem to be few proposals that end up rejected as simply variations of other emojis.

And you, what emoji would you ask the committee?

Source | Mashable 

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