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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to access Apple Pay on the iPhone X

When last September 12 the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said the magic words one more thing , the audience erupted in applause. He was going to give way to the evening star in Cupertino , the iPhone X. Almost three months later and with the phone on the street since last November 3, many are also those who agree with the Californians: Apple has done it again.

And yes, against the prognosis of some of its competitors and despite the attempts of mockery on the part of the Koreans, everyone wants an iPhone X. Yes, it costs more than 1100 euro , it has no home button, its Face ID it is, at times, trolleable and that if it falls to the ground the joke goes out for a kidney, but the flagship of the bitten apple has supposed a point of inflection.

You will know that the Face ID is perhaps its star feature, and that it allows you to unlock the phone . Well you can also use it to make payments with Apple Pay. Do you want us to tell you how? Well do not lose shadow, it's very simple.
How to access Apple Pay on the iPhone X

To enter Apple Pay you will have to double tap the side button and then let the Face ID biometric system recognize you, something that will be repeated when you buy an application in the App Store. As you can see, very simple and a sample of how Apple takes the security of its users' purchases seriously.

We hope we could help you with this simple trick , remember to follow us to be aware of everything and not miss anything that happens in the Apple ecosystem. We will wait for you!

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