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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How to block calls and spam messages on your iPhone

It has all happened to us all: during the siesta hour, at work, while we are enjoying a good series ... Zas! The telephone rings and the number is not known. We pick up and an operator tries to sell us something : that we change the company of La Luz, that we renew our mattress or that we hire another internet service. What a satiety, it's time to take action and block calls!

If we want something, we will look for it ourselves. But they are so insistent that they saturate us. In case you did not know, the iPhone has features that can make our lives much easier and annoying by blocking calls and spam messages .

How to block calls on the iPhone

Blocking calls on the iPhone is quite simple. We just have to go to Settings > Phone > Blocking and Caller ID where we will have the possibility not only to block calls from that number, but we will not receive messages or FaceTime calls either.

Click on block number and access your contact list to select the cursed number. Yes, it takes evidence to the agenda that in order for you to block a phone number, you must first call and you will have to save it in your Contacts .

Apps to block calls and spam messages on the iPhone

If this factory method of the iPhone does not convince you, you can always install more comfortable, complete and intuitive apps to perform the process of blocking calls and spam messages on your iPhone. Here we show you our favorites:
Mr. Number

It is a free app and also free of ads to block calls and unwanted messages on our phone. It has a remote search function that allows you to find information about an unknown number , although you will not always be able to do so by having a limit in a free version.

What does this mean? Basically we can detect annoying spam calls thanks to its updated database.

Call Blocker

Another free app to block calls is Call Blocker , although its paid version allows us to use it free of ads and incorporates additional features, such as private message storage and call records.

Calls Blacklist

Another very simple, free and easy to use app is Calls Blacklist . Although it has a paid version, the only difference is the number of ads.

You see that both by default on our iPhone and in the App Store we can block phone calls on iPhone and avoid phone spam or scams.

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