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Sunday, 5 November 2017

How to create animated wallpapers for your iPhone

Apple made available to users a series of animated wallpapers on iOS. But the dynamic wallpapers that come by default are not to the liking of all iPhone and iPad users ...

That is why, from CP, we will teach you how to create animated wallpapers for your iPhone . These wallpapers can charge movement when you use the 3D Touch function on them.

You can create animated wallpapers by yourself, using the camera and the Live Photos of your iPhone, or simply downloading dynamic wallpapers directly on your device.

How to create live wallpapers


1. Download the LivePapers application.

2. Open the Live Photo that you want to convert into an animated background.

3. Center the image and press "Next".

4. Select the effects you want to include.

5. Keep your finger pressed on the screen to see a preview.

6. Save the animated wallpaper.

Live Wallpapers For Me

1. Download the Live Wallpapers For Me application.

2. Select the category in which you want to search.

3. Find your favorite animated wallpaper.

4. Click on the "Save" button to save the dynamic wallpaper.

5. Set the new wallpaper as wallpaper on your iPhone.

6. Keep your finger pressed on the screen using the 3D Touch function to see the movement.

Do not know how to create your dynamic wallpapers? Have you not been very clear about the process to install animated wallpapers? If so, we recommend playing the following video through which you can appreciate the process more carefully and comfortably:

And that's how animated wallpapers are created in iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11 for iPhone models that have 3D Touch functionality. We hope this tutorial has helped you.

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