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Friday, 10 November 2017

How to create a karaoke with Animojis on iOS 11

The Animojis of the new Apple iPhone X are causing a real furore among iOS 11 users. The truth is that it is a really fun , and gives a lot of fun . In addition, it is not simple "postureo", but it offers a new way of communicating and transmitting our emotions in a more efficient, comfortable and precise way.

These curious Animojis are only available on Apple's iPhone X. They are animated emojis that use facial recognition technology to emulate the expressions of the user's face . They have their own application for iMessage and have a limit of 10 seconds.

A kind of fashion has arisen among Animojis fans, in which they create a very funny karaoke giving voice to the emojis with popular songs . Do you want to see these Pop-Stars in action? Here are a couple of examples:

More Animoji Karaoke for you.
- Harry McCracken 🇺🇸 (@harrymccracken) November 2, 2017

Do you want to learn how to create your own karaoke with Animojis on the iPhone X? Too easy! We explain it to you next.
How to sing a karaoke with the Animojis

1. Open the iMessage application.

2. Access the Animojis application.

3. Select the Animoji you want.

4. Click on the arrow to enlarge the view.

5. Enable the Control Center of iOS 11 (slide your finger from the upper right corner of the iPhone X).

6. Press the button to record the screen of your iPhone X. If you do not know how to do it, take a look at the tutorial to customize the Control Center .

7. While the countdown is being made for the beginning of the recording, it returns to iMessage.

8. You will need an additional device (Mac, iPad, TV, radio ...) to play the song, preferably with headphones because we will not record sound yet.

9. Once you have finished your performance, moving your lips to interpret the song, press the red timer in the upper left corner to stop the recording.

10. For the next steps you will need some experience in video editing.

11. Download the Video Crop application to trim your recording.
Video Crop - Crop and Resize Video
Video Crop - Crop and Resize Video
Photo & Video

12. With this application you can easily cut the Animoji content.

13. Then open iMovie and synchronize the song with the recording of your Animoji.

After the launch of Apple 's iPhone X , there have been many users who have wanted to share their Animojis recordings with the rest of the world through social networks. And the results are to break with laughter!

Via | Apple Insider 

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