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Sunday, 26 November 2017

How to deactivate the Face ID of iPhone X temporarily

The iPhone X is the desired device for many, and not only because of how beautiful it is and the great photos it gets to do, it is also for all those things that it has . If we remember we found some fun Animojis , TrueDepth system, a screen of 5.8 inches OLED edge to edge.

 One of the most controversial aspects is the absence of a physical button and another of them is the Face ID facial recognition system. Bufff, it's a past to be able to get it out of your pocket and that just by looking at it and practically in any condition, you can unlock it.

But there may be some circumstance in which it does not suit us that this is so , that is, that you can deactivate the Face ID. Do you want to know how it is done? We tell you

How to deactivate the Face ID

The process is very simple, to deactivate it you will only have to do a long press of the side button and the volume up button . You will notice a slight vibration of the haptic motor that will indicate that the process has been carried out correctly. And that's it, no matter how much you look and move to the iPhone, it will not unlock because of your pretty face. So, how do I unlock it? Very simple, you can do it with the unlock code.

Many of you will remember the moment of the keynote of September 12, in which Craigh Federighi did not get a first attempt to unlock the iPhone X of the presentation. We know that these things happen, although Face ID is being postulated as a fairly safe system. Recently we learned about the case of a Vietnamese company that was able to deceive the biometric identification system, using a silicone mask.

So you know, long press on the side button and volume up. Remember to follow us so you do not miss out on all the news from the Apple world . We will wait for you.

Via | urbantecno 

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