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Monday, 6 November 2017

How to delete messages sent from WhatsApp a week ago

One of the most demanded functions of WhatsApp users is to be able to eliminate sent messages , something that has recently integrated the popular instant messaging app. However, this is full of nuances: it can only be done between phones with the latest version and we only have 7 minutes .

We recently discovered a trick to extend that period of time and be able to erase messages from WhatsApp later , although it was not very functional. Now we have discovered a new bug that allows us to delete messages sent up to a week before . Take note.

The trick is to change the date of the phone to a time prior to sending the message , but it must be done in a particular way to deceive the WhatsApp application. This bug has been discovered by Android Jefe for version 2.17.395 of WhatsApp for Android but we have verified that it also works for iPhone
How to delete old messages from WhatsApp

As we say, it is as simple as cheating WhatsApp simply by modifying in some cases the date and time. But it is not worth doing it in any way: first we must disconnect the connectivity of our iPhone . The procedure would be like this:

1) Go to the control center or Settings and activate the airplane mode, which will cut your data and Wi-Fi, if any.
2) Close the WhatsApp app.

3) Change the date of your iPhone. In some cases it will be necessary to deactivate the automatic adjustment. Go to Settings > General > Date and time . For example, if you want to delete a message from two days ago, you must change the date of your mobile until that day, within 7 minutes of rigor. That is, if you want to delete a message sent on November 1 at 11am, you will have to alter the date and time until November 1 at 11:05. Remember, always within that 7 minute period.

4) Go to WhatsApp and enter the chat where you want to delete the messages and make a long press on the message to be deleted. Give Delete and then Delete for all .

5) Once you have deleted the messages, return the iPhone to the current date and time.

6) Disable airplane mode.

And that's it, with this method we can delete WhatsApp messages by skipping the 7 minute restriction in just a few seconds. However, we have tried to delete older messages but WhatsApp shows us a warning forcing to update the date to open the application, something that prevents the deletion of messages.

We assume that it will be a matter of time before WhatsApp detects these bugs and launches a patch to correct them, preventing us from skipping the 7 minute limitation.

Via | Android Boss 

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