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Sunday, 26 November 2017

How to get night vision in the camera of your iPhone

The iPhone camera has all kinds of features, features and functions . In addition, with each new version of iOS, Apple introduces more news. We have Flash, Live Photos, HDR, Timer, Filters, Slow Motion, Time-Lapse, Pan, Portrait, Lightning, 4K ...

But, unfortunately, the iPhone camera does not have night vision functionality . However, it is possible thanks to the implementation of complex algorithms in the App Store applications.

In this article we will explain how to get night vision from the camera of your iPhone . Be the model that is!

How to get night vision in the camera of your iPhone

The cameras of smartphones have been improving their hardware in a considerable way over the past years. So the application developers of the iOS App Store have seen how things got complicated when it came to surprising users with new features.

The iPhone is not an exception, its camera has a very advanced technology , but photographs with low lighting (or in the dark) do not have much quality.

But thanks to the Night Vision Camera application you can start taking pictures and record videos after sunset.

1. Download the Night Vision Camera application.

2. Open the app on your iPhone.

3. Press the green button to enter the night vision mode.

4. Press the middle button to take a picture.

5. Press the camera icon to switch to video mode.

Video tutorial

From this video you can learn how to get the night vision function from your iPhone with great detail.

Download Night Vision Camera

Usually, the Night Vision Camera app is available for 1.99 euros. But now it's totally free in the App Store for a limited time . You can get the app on your iPhone from the following download widget:
Night Vision Camera (Photo & Video)
Night Vision Camera (Photo & Video)

There are many more applications for night vision in the iOS App Store , but since it is available for free for a limited time, we have considered that you would like to try it. 

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