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Friday, 24 November 2017

How to have WhatsApp on the iPad (2017)

We are in 2017 and incredible as it seems WhatsApp still does not have an app to install on our iPad . And despite this, it is still the most used messaging app on the planet. Anyway, quiet because using WhatsApp on the iPad in addition to very useful, it is very easy to do. Of course, without making jailbreak or rare things to the device.

The key to everything will be to use WhatsApp Web, the WhatsApp platform for browsers that we can use on our Mac or PC. Of course, for our misfortune its use is light years away from the original app in terms of fluidity and speed . Also, we will have to have our mobile nearby.

If the guys from Zuckerberg have already implemented the function of deleting messages , the next thing would be that they could be edited and of course, an app for iPad. Something that by the way could come very soon .

How to use WhatsApp on the iPad

1) The first thing is to open Safari , the native iPad browser, and from there go to the website . When the page loads, you will see that you do not access WhatsApp Web, but it takes you to the main page of WhatsApp.

2) Click on the share icon and there we click on Desktop version . This is the secret to get to the web version.

3) Then, the web will be loaded again and now, we will see the WhatsApp Web interface with the QR code that we will have to read with our mobile . If you have an iPhone, in WhatsApp go to Settings > WhatsApp Web and click on Scan QR code.

4) In a matter of seconds, you can follow all your WhatsApp conversations from your iPad .

Of course, with WhatsApp Web for desktop we can write and read messages, listen and send audios, send photos and videos, delete messages, receive notifications ... but it is not as complete as the original . And is that first, we require that our mobile is close so that the messages are synchronized and also, that it is on and with enough battery.

Also, if we were using WhatsApp Web on another computer or tablet, we will have to repeat the synchronization process, since it only allows us to use a computer . The good thing about this is that if you only use it with your iPad, you will not need to log out and every time you go to it will open automatically. 

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