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Saturday, 25 November 2017

How to invoke Siri on the iPhone X

The iPhone X is assuming a turning point in the way of understanding technology . Apple's commitment to a terminal with OLED screen, without edges and 5.8 inches in size represent a revolution.

 If we look back and think of Apple's personal assistant, Siri, we have to go back to 2011 . On October 4 was presented along with the launch of that year, the iPhone 4S. Siri supposed something quite interesting. The amount of commands we can use with it are getting better and better.

Our assistant, whose voice in Castilian is borrowed by a Basque voice actress , has managed to make a hole in our hearts, although many times we use it to "troll" a little and ask her different things.

How to invoke Siri on the iPhone X

Siri is still present in all models that Apple has today, also on the iPad or MacBook. How could it be otherwise, and if you have any questions, we tell you how Siri is requested on the iPhone X.

You can do it in two ways, or by lifting the device and saying "Hey, Siri", or you can do a long press on the side button , also known as a sleep / wake button , something very quick to do with one hand. Nothing else, that simple and efficient.

Remember that Siri has come up again and again to help people in situations of risk, we remember that this summer she asked for help for those affected by the hurricanes in the United States , or she has also made emergency calls. It is much more than a simple assistant.

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