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Sunday, 12 November 2017

How to make the Face ID work faster and more accurately

Face ID - самообучаемая system and with the prolonged use of the one that best recognizes teacher. But, as with any technological product, Face ID sometimes stops working. In these cases, you can help her.

When the Face ID refuses to unlock the smartphone, the iPhone X owners try to take it to their other angle, block the gadget and try again. In practice, to nothing. The system learns automatically, you just have to give it a couple of Attempts.

Increasingly, by removing the password lock, the user gives Face ID to know what is from their gadget. the iPhone understands it and makes another in 3D-an image of the owner's person, so that in the future avoid mistakes.

The Apple representatives wrote about this learning algorithm in the Face ID documentation. In the company they pointed out that the method works only if the smartphone finds no match with "loaded" to the same person.

Face ID is the new sensor system, which is used to unlock the iPhone X. The Apple Company presented at the Apple Park conference on September 12.

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